Hardware or OS Problems? Seek Quality iPhone Repairs in Melbourne

Time and again, Apple have had to remind customers to exercise caution when handling software updates. Yet history inevitably repeats itself, according to Simon Keegan’s article for the Daily Mirror, as various iPhone owners have since complained that the recently iOS 7.1.1 update caused their devices to crash and/or lose data.

“The software update has ‘bricked’ or locked out people’s phones and they have gone into a frenzy on forums like Apple Support.

The update affected owners of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

Many say they had to resort to a complete system restore, meaning they lost data including contacts and treasured pictures.”

Whether or not software crashes and data loss are directly linked the update itself, smartphone owners can count on a reputable repair centre such as TWorld ICT to get to the root of the problem when it comes to iPhone repairs in Melbourne. For example, the iPhone 5s uses an A7 processor that is faster and more efficient than the iPhone 4’s A4 processor. Unfortunately, app developers weren’t able to fully test the capabilities of the A7, causing incompatibilities with some apps. Although replacing the affected parts or initiating a clean reboot on the iPhone may address the problem, most experienced technicians still opt to carry out an in-depth inspection to be absolutely certain.

apple iphone users in uproar after ios 7.1.1 update crashes and data loss

Assuming that the device failure is indeed related to a software problem, restarting the phone as one would a desktop or laptop computer may just do the trick. If the software problem is related to a problematic app, then it could be that only the app in question, rather than the entire operating system, needs updating. Finally, iPhone users might want to check whether software or OS updates are already available for download.

It is anybody’s guess whether or not the next iOS update will solve such software problems. At any rate, iPhone users would do well to find reliable and experienced repair expert who can carry out an accurate diagnosis. For exceptional service and quick iPhone 4 repairs in Melbourne, customers can turn to a leading mobile phone expert like TWorld ICT.

(Source: Apple iPhone users in uproar after iOS 7.1.1 update causes crashes and data loss, Daily Mirror, April 25, 2014)

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