A Guide to Receiving Dependable Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne

a-guide-to-receiving-dependable-mobile-phone-repairs-in-melbourneAn October 4, 2013 article on news.com.au lists a few tips for those whose phones have broken. Some of the steps provided are humorous in nature, although the article is quick to provide sensible and useful information for those dealing with the loss of their smartphone. One of the article’s hints goes:

How broken is your phone really? Is it still usable? Is it completely screwed?
Depending on the problem and your level of insurance you might be able to get it replaced the same day.

Take your phone down to the flagship store where you bought it from for assesment (sic) (sorry Windows Phone users, there’s no retail store for you yet). If you’re still in warranty or treat the customer service staff nicely they might offer to repair or replace the phone free of charge. Or they might charge you for the replacement. Be nice. You might get lucky.

News.com.au recommends you don’t go through your telco (sic) provider unless you absolutely have to because they will take your phone from you and send it away for assessment/replacement /repair and it can take up to six weeks. You also may not always be offered a temporary replacement.

Smartphones, while useful and jam-packed with features of all sorts, are incredibly delicate. It only takes one careless drop to destroy a phone and lose all the precious data saved within. Folks who have ruined phones but feel that the devices can still be salvaged might want to send their gadgets to services offering mobile phone repairs in Melbourne.

Some of the more common cell phone disasters involved broken touchscreens and water damage (for phones unfortunately dropped into water). These wrecks can potentially decommission the devices for good, or at least affect factors such as battery life, response time, functionality, and so on. If a phone still manages to turn on despite the damage it sustains, then there’s a good chance that it can still be saved through repair.

Official repair services tend to be very costly, however, so it’s certainly not an option for those with a tight budget. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of third party centers for phone repairs in Melbourne, such as TWorld ICT, that offer quality fixes at affordable prices. Users might also want to visit these centers for any troubleshooting inquiries, or for phone diagnosis to identify any flaws on their devices.

(Info from What to do when you smash your phone, news.com.au, October 4, 2013)

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