Get a Call Guardian from a Telstra Shop to Bid Adieu to Nuisance Calls

Phone scammers have been the cause of many nuisance calls all over Australia. In fact, 2015 has already seen more than 4,000 calls from such scammers seeking to obtain information illegally. All over Australia, New South Wales recorded the highest number of nuisance calls cases, with over 1,734 telephone scams.

Get a Call Guardian from a Telstra Shop to Bid Adieu to Nuisance Calls

Say that these calls happen during the night while you’re having dinner with your family. Though you may opt not to answer the call, the ringing from the phone will still leave your evening disturbed. Telstra has an answer to these nuisance calls in the form of the Call Guardian 301, which you can get from a Telstra shop near you.

Prevalence of Nuisance Calls

Often, scammers will phone customers in the guise of a Telstra representative and ask for remote access to their home computer to resolve a so-called issue, or even tell customers to pay a fee lest their home phone be disconnected. Aside from phone scammers, these nuisance calls might come from salespersons trying to entice you to buy their products when all you want to do is to relax after a stressful day.

Telstra acknowledges how frustrating these nuisances can be among their customers. According to Jennifer Douglas, Telstra Director of Fixed Voice and Platinum services, “From scammers offering to ‘repair’ the family PC to salespeople calling just when you’ve settled down in front of the TV, they can be an unwelcome intrusion.”

How the Call Guardian Works

Douglas refers to the Call Guardian 301 as Telstra customers’ “very own tool to block unwanted calls.” A dual-handset cordless phone package that comes with a built-in answering machine, the Call Guardian silently answers incoming calls and asks for the caller’s name.

Once the caller leaves their name, the handset rings and, upon picking it up, plays back the caller’s name, giving you the choice of accepting the call or not. In the case of callers not leaving their names, as telemarketers often would, the Call Guardian will disregard their call and you will never know that someone even rang.

You can also let trusted people connect directly without going through the aforementioned process by pressing 2 to add them to your whitelist. Otherwise, press 3 to add the caller to your blacklist and the Call Guardian will ensure that you’ll never hear from them again.

The Call Guardian 301 is available separately or with an eligible Telstra home phone plan, which you can acquire from a Telstra store like TWorld ICT in Melbourne. Now you don’t need to worry about nuisance calls, legitimate or not, disturbing a peaceful evening.



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