Galaxy S5 Problems that May Need Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne

Earlier this February, Samsung announced it may have solved one of the most common smartphone problems, i.e. small yet thick battery packs. The smartphone manufacturing giant has started making its own ePoP (embedded package on package) memory for high-end smartphones. This technology is already found in wearables, but Samsung has modified it so that a smartphone can have a larger battery whilst boasting a slimmer design. The risks of overheating or technical problems with the processor are likewise mitigated, as Samsung’s ePoP is crafted with “special heat resistant properties.”

Galaxy S5

This development is certainly exciting news for fans of the company’s products, especially since ePoP is envisioned to be part of future Samsung phones (even the Galaxy S6 that’s going to be released soon). For now, though, users are quite satisfied with the performance of their latest gadgets. The Galaxy S5, for instance, offers a refined user experience that makes it a bestseller in many countries, including Australia.

Of course, like other technologies, the Galaxy S5 is not 100% infallible. Some reports and forum discussions about its inefficiencies are hardly non existent. Sometimes, problems also arise when the phone gets damaged in some way (e.g. if it falls, gets splashed with water, gets infected with a virus, etc.) Here are some issues you have to look out for that may require mobile phone repairs in Melbourne:

You see a camera failure message.

When the camera launches sluggishly, lags while in use, or focuses on its subject more slowly than usual, you may try tweaking its settings or resetting it. Select Force Stop, Clear Data, and Clear Cache on the Camera app in the Settings Application Manager. If you see a camera failure message, however, the hardware may have malfunctioned altogether.

You encounter audio problems.

Audio problems are common after accidental falls or water damage. When you can’t hear the other person on the line during a call (or vice versa), the speaker or microphone may have been damaged. Your music player may still work, but don’t be surprised if no sound comes out of your headphones or on loud speaker.

It overheats, won’t charge, or won’t turn on.

If these issues persist even after your attempts at troubleshooting your phone, there may be something wrong with the phone’s processor, battery, or other components. Don’t tinker with the phone yourself to keep the problem from getting worse. Rather, you may want to seek professional mobile phone repair in Melbourne from experts like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd.

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