Fragile Devices: Trust Only the Experts in Melbourne iPhone Repairs

iPhone owners beware: the insurance firm SquareTrade Europe has found that the iPhone, as well as a number of Apple products, is one of the Top 10 most fragile mobile devices available today. The firm tested a number of products for weight, water resistance, and their so-called “grip-ability”. According to a report in The Telegraph, several Samsung and Google products also fared terribly in these tests, but Apple devices didn’t do any better:

“Topping the list of the most fragile devices was the iPad Mini, while the iPad Air was in third place and the iPhone 5c in fifth position. In eighth place was the iPhone 5s.”

Australians should take note because a study carried out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) last year revealed that at least 8.5 million people in the country own some of these devices, and this figure is steadily growing. The aforementioned facts show that the services of experts in iPhone repairs in Melbourne, like the people behind TWorld ICT, are very important for many consumers all around the country. Getting an iPhone or other fragile devices repaired may result in huge costs if the wrong people were approached to do it.

apple products dominate list of most breakable gadgets

Under normal circumstances, a handheld device that was dropped on a hard surface like concrete may emerge relatively unscathed, unless it hit the ground, screen first. Water damage is an entirely different story, though, and would almost always require the attention of a repair service.

However, even the best repair experts may not be able to save the device if the damage is extensive, and in cases such as these, obtaining a replacement might be necessary. This is more apparent to owners of older generation devices like the iPhone 4s which are known to be less durable than their successors. To avoid having to prematurely buy a replacement phone, owners of iPhone 4 units who experience a mishap with their devices should seek reliable services for iPhone 4 repairs in Melbourne.

Of course, people don’t need the ACMA or SquareTrade to tell them that careful use is still the best way to prevent unwanted repairs.

(Source: Apple products dominate list of ‘most breakable gadgets’, The Telegraph, February 11, 2014)

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