For Melbourne Samsung S5 Users: Quick Fixes to Some Common Problems

Samsung has enjoyed great success in the smartphone market with their Galaxy models. The latest model they released was the Galaxy S5, and while most users have been having a stable experience with it, others have not been as fortunate.  A few common problems have been reported by several users in Melbourne and other places, but thankfully, these may be fixed with some quick and safe remedies.

Wi-Fi Connection

One common problem is with the Wi-Fi. Users have reported about the tendency of their S5’s Wi-Fi to suddenly just stop working. When this happens, the first thing to do is to reboot the device. If this doesn’t do the trick, then you can try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network by first selecting the ‘Forget Network’ option then connecting to it again.

If none of this works, then perhaps the problem lies with the Wi-Fi router itself. Unplugging then plugging the router back in after 30 seconds can work. It this still doesn’t fix the problem, then it may be time to head to a reliable repair shop that has an excellent track record in repairing damaged units of Samsung in Melbourne.

Camera Crashes

The S5 has one of the fastest cameras on any smartphone, particularly when shooting and focusing. However, at times, users may experience camera crashes. The common culprit here is the image stabilizer feature. While this feature can help capture clearer photos even in low light without the use of flash, it also involves some extra image processing, which can sometimes cause the camera to crash. Another problem with the camera is when it isn’t responding, or if it says “camera failed”.” These are more serious issues that need the services of a technician.

Slow Charging

A number of owners have also claimed that their phone isn’t charging properly or refuses to charge at all. In this case, you must make sure that the charger you are using is the one that came with the phone. Other chargers may have different voltage ratings which could be the reason for the slow charge.

If you are using the correct charger but are not getting any charging done, you can try plugging the phone into a USB port on a computer. If it works, then the problem could be with the charger itself. If charging on a computer doesn’t work, then you may have a problem with the phone itself. Take it to a shop that does excellent phone repairs in Melbourne, such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd, to get it back to optimal performance.

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