Do-It-Yourself Fix or Professional iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne?

Smartphones and other mobile devices have become prominent parts of the daily lives of people in Melbourne. As devices like the iPhone are in constant use and transport, it is almost inevitable to avoid accidental damage.

repair options for cracked iphone screens

While some of the latest devices on the market are designed to endure a certain amount of external force or damage due to the elements, such durability can only go so far. In an article published on, iPhone expert Sam Costello discusses the severe type of damage iPhone screens receive:

No matter how careful we try to be, everyone drops their iPhone or iPod touch from time to time. Usually, the consequences of a drop aren’t serious, but in some cases, screens get cracked or shatter. Some of these cracks are relatively minor, cosmetic problems that don’t really affect whether you can use your device. Others, however, are so extensive that it becomes very hard to see the screen and use the iPhone.

Often, those who want to spend less resort to doing DIY fixes. In fact, it may seem easy, as there are several video tutorials and instructional content available online for everything nowadays. Unfortunately, despite how effective these tutorials are, DIY solutions typically don’t last long and can lead to more damage to the iPhone. This also usually results in more effort and money spent compared to if the device were fixed by a professional right from the start.

While Apple does provide standard warranty for their iPhones, this commonly does not include accidental damage. Additional warranty from Apple or an external provider must be purchased to have the necessary coverage. Many may feel that such warranties are costly or unnecessary as they are after all just for a device that may have a better version or have lost its initial market value in a year or two. Luckily, there are companies like TWorld ICT that offer professional iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne.

Thanks to professional repair centres, individuals who are usually very careful with their iPhones or handheld gadgets don’t have to take on the added cost of insuring their device, because they now have a reliable place to still have it fixed in the event that an accident beyond their control occurs. As long as they choose experienced professionals when it comes to iPhone screen repair in Melbourne, they are ensured to receive professional service and authentic replacement parts, most of which come with their own standard warranty.

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