Even Today, You Still Need Expert iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne

It turns out that rumours about the iPhone 6 rolling out with sapphire touchscreens weren’t so true after all. Business Insider cited a report written by analyst Tim Bajarin for Time magazine, which claims that Apple wasn’t interested in using sapphire in the first place. Even though the stone doesn’t scratch, Apple says that sapphire interferes with their touchscreen technology and, perhaps most importantly, it also makes the iPhones more fragile:

Sapphire Screen

It turns out that sapphire is more likely than glass to break when you drop it. This is the biggest problem of them all, obviously. While sapphire is good at preventing scratches, it’s not good at preventing cracks from forming. Those cracks eventually lead to the screen shattering. Glass has chemicals added to it that prevent cracks from growing into a big problem.

In other words, people shouldn’t get their hopes up that the new iPhone touchscreens would be any different than past models. Perhaps it’s for the best: replacing a shattered iPhone glass touchscreen is already difficult enough as it is, one can only imagine how hard it would be to work with sapphire, which is bulkier and thicker. Even reputable technicians who provide iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne, like the blokes from TWorld ICT Corp, have to be very careful in replacing an iPhone 5 touchscreen. Lifting the screen more than 90 degrees, for instance, can stretch its connector cables too far and cause permanent damage.

Screen repair specialists don’t just fix damaged touchscreens, though. They can also be relied upon to fix frozen screens, specifically when the usual solution of holding down the Sleep/Wake button no longer works. Usually, this problem can be traced to a software glitch, but it can also be caused by water damage, at which point the device may have a more serious issue on its hands. iPhone owners are strongly discouraged from turning their phones on if they were accidentally dropped into a body of water, as the resulting power surge will only cause further damage.

If worse comes to worst, the device would have to be restored using Recovery Mode which, unfortunately, also erases most of its data. A Melbourne iPhone screen repair centre can be consulted to know if this solution is feasible or not. In the extremely unlikely chance that even they can’t fix the problem, the repair centre can directly contact Apple for assistance.

With the iPhone 6 now gracing the market, the need for reliable screen repairs is likely to remain the same. This probably wouldn’t be the case if Apple pushed on with its sapphire touchscreens, but it’s likely a good idea that they didn’t, given how complicated glass touchscreen repairs already are.

(Source: Here’s Why Apple Didn’t Use An ‘Unbreakable’ Sapphire Screen For The iPhone 6, Business Insider, September 23, 2013)

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