Despite Plan Boost, Melbourne Telstra Dealers Urge Conserving Data

Businesses will benefit from a big data allowance boost to Telstra’s BizEssentials® plans, which rolled out early this March. In an article for Smart Company, Andrew Sadauskas reports on the changes as follows:

  • BizEssentials® Basic: 100 GB monthly data limit, from 50 GB; excess usage rate down to $1 per GB ($300 excess usage fee cap)
  • BizEssentials® Everyday: 300 GB monthly data limit, from 250 GB; excess usage rate down to $1 per GB ($300 excess usage fee cap)
  • BizEssentials® Max: 1,000 GB monthly data limit, from 500 GB; excess usage rate down to $1 per GB ($300 excess usage fee cap)

It may take a while for these changes to reflect on your future bills, as Telstra is in the process of updating its billing systems. Nevertheless, this significant boost in data caps will allow businesses to do more for less. Australians are growing more dependent on a wireless country, stretching from end to end.


In his report entitled A Snapshot of Australia’s Digital Future to 2050, IBISWorld founder Phil Ruthven predicted that average data usage per month will skyrocket to 200 GB by 2020 and 5 TB by 2030. It shouldn’t be a surprise that increasingly sophisticated business functions will use more data. To start with, businesses make more calls than do households.

Fortunately, Telstra offers data monitoring services that help businesses stay within their data allowance. The Mobile Data Usage Meter, for instance, not only keeps track of your own usage but also that of your employees. The system immediately notifies as soon as you reach your plan’s monthly data threshold.

Smart Choice

Based on this information, you can determine whether or not you need to switch to a Telstra plan with a bigger data cap to avoid paying extra. Trusted Melbourne Telstra dealers such as TWorld ICT can help you choose a flexible pricing plan that allows you to manage your Internet access costs and upgrade or downgrade as you see fit.

As Australia grows hungrier for more data, efficient data usage becomes as imperative as judicious use of water and energy. Take this opportunity to review your monthly usage and choose the best Melbourne Telstra plan for your business.

(Source: “Telstra changes excess use charges and increases data allowances on business bundles,” Smart Company, March 5, 2015)

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