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Mobile devices offer one thing that the most powerful home computers can’t – mobility. Mobile phones are efficient, reliable and easy to carry around in people’s pockets. Since the invention of mobile broadband, social networking sites, games and apps were introduced to a whole new playing field. Information was made readily accessible to users, and navigating through life was made much easier.

What Is 4GX

Currently, mobile broadband has become a necessity for many Melbournians. Every day, people use their mobile phones to check their work e-mail, access maps and search the web. This demand for mobile internet has inspired a battle among telecommunication companies to launch mobile networks that would bring the fastest and most advanced internet speeds.

In fact, Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications company, officially switched on its 4GX network nationwide last January 1, 2015. The 4GX network promises the fastest 4G speed and a wider network coverage, which means mobile internet will now be accessible to more rural places.

Unfortunately, for now, 4GX is not open to some mobile phone types. An article from explains:

Not too many phones, tablets and 4G hotspots that have been launched in Australia support Telstra’s 700MHz network, the frequency that is going to be called 4GX by the telco itself. That compatibility, for the most part, is restricted to more recent and more high-end handsets, and a few premium hotspots that Telstra sells exclusively. As time goes on, more devices are and will be released that support the new standard, but especially while it’s new there won’t be that many people using it.

That’s a great thing for early adopters, who will enjoy massively improved speed — not only because of the 700MHz network’s technical advantage over 900MHz and 1800MHz, but because there’ll be fewer people contending for the same amount of bandwidth on any one mobile phone tower.

Nonetheless, 4GX-capable devices are already up for grabs in Telstra shops in Melbourne, including the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One and LG G3. More devices are expected to support this new technology in the future, but if you want to use the network without tons of people hogging the bandwidth yet, investing in a 4GX-compatible device early on would be a smart decision.

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(Source: What Is 4GX?, November 3, 2014)

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