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The iOS 7.1 update, released last September, 2014 was met with mixed feelings from iPhone users everywhere. While the update promised, and indeed delivered, better phone performance to many iPhone users, others experienced freezing screens, slower device response times, and, most of all, battery drain problems. Nate Mardukas, reporter for the U.S. K-Pop news site ‘KpopStarz’, said that a large number of complaints came specifically from iPhone 5S users:

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… “My iPhone 5S problems has been draining like crazy since the iOS 7.1 Update. This morning I woke up at 8:30, my phone was at 100 [percent]. It’s now 10:40 and my phone is at 85 [percent]. This really needs to be fixed because I’m on my phone basically all day and we don’t want to have to charge all the time.”

Apple hasn’t yet addressed the issue of the new update but would recommend users to minimize the use of the battery by doing simple techniques to conserve battery to make the life of the iPhone’s battery longer.

Was this problem caused entirely by a software update though? Australian iPhone owners would have to seek a professional’s opinion for that, like the folks from TWorld ICT Corp who have been providing reliable iPhone repairs in Melbourne for years. This is because Apple itself acknowledged the possibility that certain iPhone 5s- specifically those sold from September, 2012 to January, 2013 have battery problems caused by hardware to begin with. The only way to determine if the excessive battery drain was caused either by the iOS update or a hardware issue is to have the device inspected by a pro.

After all, distinguishing one from the other can be quite complicated. If a software or an iOS update is responsible for the battery drain, then this problem should be fixed by simply disabling the software in question or reverting the changes made by the update. Unfortunately, this isn’t a reliable solution, because many people reported that their other Apple devices didn’t encounter the same problem even with the same software and update installed. Melbourne iPhone repair technicians would have to conduct extensive diagnostics and isolate the problem, since it’s also possible that a hardware problem has been causing the software to act up.

In the meantime, it’s probably best for iPhone 5s owners to heed Apple’s advice and take certain steps to improve their device’s battery life. Reducing brightness, disabling automatic downloads, and minimising the use of spotlight searches can reliably preserve more power for the phone. It will also help if people minimise their use of certain battery draining apps like Google Maps and Facebook.

iPhone owners should keep these things in mind when the next iOS update arrives.

(Source: iPhone 5s Battery Problems And Hot Spot Issues A Big Headache For Apple Phone Users, Follow These Tips For A Quick Fix, KpopStarz, September 29, 2013)

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