How to Get a Used Smartphone The Right Way

How to Get a Used Smartphone The Right Way

You can save a lot of money purchasing a used smartphone–but you may be worried about getting ripped off. While you may communicate with the seller on social media, there is no way of guaranteeing you will get your money back if the smartphone breaks or is in poor condition. Finding a reputable seller with significant experience dealing with used smartphones and making a thorough inspection are essential steps in the process. Since everyone seems to want the latest model of smartphone, you can find many high quality devices that are being sold simply because the owner wants the latest version of smartphone.

Think About the Price

It is a good idea to research prices before actually looking for the smartphone. Browse through listings on the internet to find an appropriate price range. Make sure you are looking at prices for unlocked phones rather than locked versions. Think about the price you are willing to pay and consider that price as it relates to the condition of the phone. It may seem obvious that phones that are in better condition fetch higher prices, but in some cases, you can find a phone in excellent condition with a low price simply because the phone is a tad outdated. Make sure you can easily find chargers and accessories for older version high-quality phone. Also compare the price you are looking for to the cost of the same phone if purchased new.

Finding a Seller

Major websites, such as eBay, that sell nearly everything under the sun are the common go-to places for finding used smartphones. However, establishing trust is important when dealing with these sellers and it may not be clear how you would get a refund if the phone is not in good repair. Many people prefer to work with knowledgeable smartphone sellers who focus on mobile devices, can provide advice, support, repair, and if necessary, a refund. If you can manage it, inspect the phone thoroughly in person, and know what to look for during the inspection.

Will Your Phone Work with Your Network?

It would be unfortunate to go through all of the trouble of researching prices and negotiating a good deal on a used smartphone only to find that your purchase is not compatible with your network. This is one reason it can be advantageous to buy a used phone from a dealer rather than from a large website. You may be told that the phone you are buying only to find that it won’t work where you are. One way to ensure your phone will operate in your location is to purchase a multiband, unlocked smartphone.

What You Will Need for the Inspection

Simply giving the phone a glance and shutting it on and off is not sufficient to determine whether the used device is really worth buying. An inspection to determine the quality of the product requires time, a systematic process and several items. Negotiation skills are required in your discussion with the seller, and let him or her know that you intend to give the phone a thorough inspection before agreeing to purchase it. Bring a laptop, headphones, your SIM card, a charging cable and a microSD card.

How to Inspect the Phone

Take the time do a complete inspection of the exterior of the phone. Look closely for any signs of scratches or small dents. Give the battery a close look and if can be removed, take it out. If there is water damage, you may be able to tell by looking at the SIM card slot. After you have examined the phone for physical damage, test the ports. This means connecting the headphones and the charger. Don’t simply plug these in, but devote a few minutes to making sure the connection stays strong and doesn’t flicker or die out. A quick glance might tell you the phone is charging, but ensure it charges well and that the headphones can connect properly to the port. Open all the areas of the phone that have flaps that can open. You may be able to confirm that there is no rust or scratches in these areas.

Run a Full Test

Just as you would take your time to make a test drive before purchasing a car, you will want a trial run with the used smartphone. Put in your SIM card and use the phone for a few minutes. A good salesperson should be patient during this process and not rush or pressure you to cut this important step short. Use all of the features you are accustomed to by making calls, texting and going to your favorite website. Find out the service code that will let you run an automatic test on all of the features of the smartphone. This test will make sure the screen dims and lights properly, and the sensors, camera and touch screen feature is working well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

You may feel you are getting a good deal and be satisfied with the phone you are buying and the price that is being offered. However, if your previous research has shown similar used phones at lower prices, see if you can discuss the price with the seller and try for a discount. This may work if you can find a reason why the phone should be sold for less, for instance, a few scratches on the back or the age of the phone. You may not get the price you are asking for, but the seller may throw in a free case or a discount on the charger.

What About the Warranty?

Many people may give up on the idea of a manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing a used smartphone, but if you ask the seller, you may find you could still be covered. Many companies offer a year warranty from the time the phone was initially purchased, but some manufacturers provide a warranty for two years. The advantage of working with a company rather than an individual is that you usually can get some kind of warranty for your used phone, or at least a replacement if it turns out to be damaged.

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