The Top 5 Smartphones to Watch Out For In 2017

The Top 5 Smartphones to Watch Out For In 2017

With manufacturers racing to release the “next great product”, it comes as no surprise that the smartphone market today is just burgeoning with newer handsets that deliver state-of-the art features and specifications that make earlier models seem obsolete. With the influx of speculations and official announcements about what new smartphone models are coming out in 2017, choosing just one becomes nearly impossible. Here are five of the top smartphones to keep an eye on this year.

  1. Apple iPhone 8

    With the massive success of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, consumers are already eagerly anticipating Apple’s next flagship smartphone. The company’s most recent iPhone model featured several innovative design changes, so the same can almost be expected of the iPhone 8.

    The multi-platform technology giant will also be celebrating the iPhone’s 10th anniversary this 2017, so consumers are understandably expecting something from Apple’s next big smartphone.

  2. Samsung Galaxy S8

    Samsung might have slipped up with the Note7, but they still hold a more than respectable number of incredible products that don’t explode. Faithful Samsung smartphone owners eagerly await the company’s next flagship product, and are looking at the upcoming Galaxy S8 to be just that.

    There are reports that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have narrower top and bottom bezels, giving its users even more screen space. It is also rumoured to feature the new Exynos 8895 and a powerful Mali-G71 GPU display for a truly immersive VR experience. The S8 is also reported to be the first Samsung smartphone to be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC chipset.

  1. Xiaomi Mi-6

    In recent years, Chinese electronics technology company Xiaomi has quietly made its way to the top of the global smartphone market, with innovative products such as the Mi and the Redmi series smartphones offering amazing features for only a fraction of the cost of other, more commercially recognised brands.

    The success of the Mi-5 has consumers already anticipating the arrival of the Mi-6. Reports have it that the Mi-6 will be the first Xiaomi smartphone to have the Snapdragon 835 SoC processor. Very little is known about the other features and specifications of the Mi-6, but if the previous models are any indication, consumers can expect even more bang for their buck when Xiaomi’s newest flagship model comes out in 2017.

  2. HTC 11

    Last year was rough for HTC, with its flagship HTC 10 not receiving the positive response that the company had expected. But 2017 promises to be a year of redemption for the Taiwanese consumer electronics company, if its latest smartphone – the HTC 11 – lives up to expectations. Early reports have shown that the HTC 11 will be bigger with its 5.5-inch 1440×2560 display, and have a larger, 3700mAh battery.

    Understandably, so much is riding on the HTC 11 making a good account of itself in today’s global smartphone market. The pressure is there for HTC to come out with a product that delivers more than what its predecessors have offered in the past, and the HTC 11 might just be capable of that.

  3. Samsung Galaxy Note8

    Aside from the S8, Samsung also offers another reason for consumers to be excited about 2017 in the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Controversies regarding its predecessor aside, the Note8 looks to put the company back in their consumers’ good graces. There is talk about the newest Samsung phablet having a foldable screen, but that has yet to be confirmed.

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