What Are Your Options for Mobile Phone Repairs?

What Are Your Options for Mobile Phone Repairs?

Many of us have probably seen a number of status updates from friends on social media bemoaning the fate of their precious iPhone or Samsung device because they may have smashed their phone by dropping it on the floor. Besides water damage, damage due to dropping phones on the floor is one of the most common reasons for smartphone damage today, which is why it’s so important to understand the range of mobile phone repair options available to you.

The Truth about Your iPhone Warranty

Having an Apple warranty does not necessarily mean that your iPhone 6 screen repair will be free because standard warranties do not cove accidental damage. To further add to this frustration, your Apple policy will not allow your phone to get repaired at any mobile phone repairs shop that is not certified to open the iPhone. If you do choose to go to an unauthorized business to get your phone fixed, this action will completely cancel out your warranty and no future claims will be allowed.

Getting The AppleCare Extended Guaranteed

This plan may seem like the better option, but the coverage is virtually the same. If you need to get your iPhone screen repaired at an authorized business, then you will be still be paying some sort of out-of-pocket fees, therefore, your extended guarantee doesn’t necessarily mean your mobile phone repairs are free.

Independent Phone Insurance

Most phone policies cover some kind of screen damage. Make sure you understand the policy and read it over before buying it; there may be some restrictions and you don’t want to get stuck paying for something that you won’t be able to use when you need it most. Also, check for any excess repair fees as well. You may be better off without the insurance and paying for your repairs yourself.

Running out of Warranty and No Insurance

It might seem strange to say this, but anyone without a warranty or no insurance may be the ones in the best position for getting their phone fixed. The reason is, you are free to choose any repair service you like and can shop around for the best service with the best price. Check out phone screen repairs in Melbourne here.

Damage Prevention is Best

If you make a conscious effort to keep your mobile phone safe, then you can save yourself the hassle and frustration of having to deal with insurance coverage, warranties, shopping around for a good and affordable repair shop, and being without your smartphone. Buy a good case, a screen cover, and be mindful of where you put your phone, so you can have a better chance at avoiding repairs.

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