How to Fix a Water-damaged Mobile Phone

How to Fix a Water-damaged Mobile Phone

If you’re in need of mobile phone repairs due to water damage, we know that’s not necessarily an easy fix. You’re also not the only one! Fixing wet mobile phones tends to a common issue for quite a few mobile users. Check out these four simple steps on how to fix a water-damaged mobile phone.

Four Simple Steps to Fix Your Wet Smartphone

Follow these tried and true and steps for fixing your wet smartphone:

1) Take your cell phone out of the water and carefully dismantle it (i.e. remove the front, back cover and battery).

2) Get a clean dry cloth and wipe off the water. Then, use a methylated spirit and wipe the phone one more time.

3) Keep the mobile components in a cool dry location with good ventilation and air flow to help dry them out. Note: Do not dry your phone by placing it under the sun to dry.

4) Once your phone is dry, carefully assemble your phone and begin using it.

You’re probably asking if this actually works and the answer is, yes. We recently suggested the same four simple steps to a customer who dropped his cellphone in a pool. After diving into the pool to retrieve his mobile phone, he realized it didn’t work. He followed these easy steps and was so happy it worked for him.

Did you know that up to 60% of mobile phones get water damage at least once or twice a year? Also, 80% of mobile phone repairs are due to water damage. At Telcoworld, we have repaired a variety of devices with different kinds of damage, including phones with water damage. We currently have a 95% success rate with our phone repairs service in Melbourne.


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