Do Not Lose Your Phone to Water Damage!

Repairing Water Damaged Phones in Australia

water damaged phone

What was the feeling that went through your body when you heard your phone splash into the water?  Maybe your phone didn’t splash.

Maybe someone spilled a glass of water on it.  What was the reaction when you walked back into the phone store with your water damaged phone?  They told you it was a complete loss and you needed to buy a replacement, right?

They were wrong.

TWorld ICT has a 95% success rate on repairing water damaged phones.  Yes, their technicians are able to recover 95% of all phones with water damage, an amazing statistic.

It is not hard to imagine how you felt when your expense iPhone was bathed in water.  Your heart was probably pounding imagining the cost of replacing the phone and everything you lost.

The feeling is no different if it is a Samsung, Nokia, HTC, or Blackberry Smartphone.  All of these phones are expensive and are not just our phone.  They are part of our life.  They contain our phone numbers, contacts, data, pictures, and so much more.  It is time to get out of the panic mode and into the action mode.

Save Money and Have Your Water Damaged Phone Repaired

When your phone has been water damaged give TWorld ICT a call to arrange to get a free quote to repair your phone.  In most situations the cost of repairing the phone is a tiny fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Are you worried if the phone will ever work the same again?  When you use a company, like TWorld ICT, who uses all genuine parts then you can be confident the phone will work perfectly again.  The use of genuine parts is one of the factors why they achieve a 95% success rate on repairing Smartphone’s with water damage.

The second factor which gives the high success rate is the skill of the TWorld ICT technicians.  They have seen virtually every possible type of phone damage from dropped phones, water damage, and even phones which have been driven over.  Their success in repairing phones is unmatched in Australia.

Industry Leading Warranty on Repairs of Water Damaged SmartPhones

The combination of highly skilled technicians and the use of genuine parts allow TWorld ICT to offer a full 90 day warranty on phone repairs.

Compare their warranty to anyone else in the industry.  You will discover most other companies offer only 30 day warranties with the majority of them refusing to work on water damaged phones.

TWorld ICT can service the following brands of phones and tablets:

  • Apple
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • Blackberry

If you have a phone or tablet PC which has been damaged by water from any of these companies contact TWorld ICT and you can get a free quote.  You do not need to listen to the advice offered by your local phone store or the manufacturer.  Having a water damaged phone is not a death notice.  TWorld ICT is 95% sure they can repair your phone and save you money.

There is no reason to cry over spilled water, it can be fixed after all. :-)

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