Can Using Non-Genuine Phone Parts Void Your Warranty?

Phone Repairs:  Non-Genuine Parts versus Genuine Parts

genuine parts phone repair

It is distressing when you damage your phone or it just stops working. What might be even more distressing is to have it repaired and then discover it is never quite the same again.

So, just what causes this to happen?

In many cases the fault can be traced directly back to the quality of the parts used in the repair. Will the repair centre use genuine parts directly from the manufacturer of the phone, or are they going to cut corners and use non-genuine parts which may not meet the quality standards of the OEM?

The TWorld ICT Corporation in Melbourne uses only genuine parts in their repairs.

They can repair phones and Tablet PC’s including the following popular brands:

  • Apple iPhone & Apple iPad
  • Samsung Smart Phones & Tablets
  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • BlackBerry
  • Nokia …and more!

If your phone is not listed here give TWorld ICT a call, this list many not include all brands they currently service.  They service phones and devices based on the Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and the BlackBerry OS, plus a variety of other smartphone technologies.  If it is a mobile phone that rings there is a good chance TWorld ICT can repair it using 100% original parts.

Genuine Parts Maintain Value and Lower Cost

Why is it so important to use genuine parts if non-genuine are cheaper?  Your first clue should be in the work “cheap”.  The lower price does not equal better value.  These parts are often inferior and fail at a much higher rate.  Non-genuine screens often lack the brightness, contrast, and touch sensitivity you find in the genuine item.

Imagine how frustrated you would be trying to use your iPhone 4 or Samsung Wave and it does not correctly recognize your finger strokes on the screen.  It would not be a fault of the core phone, but would be the fault of the lower quality non-genuine screen used in a repair.

A Longer Warranty by Using Genuine Parts in Your Phone Repair

This same quality issue extends to every part in a phone.  When you begin substituting parts the results are unpredictable.  This is why TWorld ICT is proud to include a 3 month warranty on all phones they repair.

Check around and you will discover the competitors offer 30 day warranties, especially the ones using non-genuine parts.  They recognize the rate of failure and likelihood of repeat repairs being required is much higher when using these lower quality parts.

The underlying reason many companies use non-genuine parts should cause you to worry even more.   Often the reason they cannot get genuine parts is because they are not approved to work on the phones at all.  They do not have the proper training, background, and skills.

TWorld ICT has built a solid reputation with the manufacturers.   They are in contact with them on warranty issues on a regular basis and have access to the parts, information, and possess the skills to do the repair right.

You do not save money by using non-genuine parts.  Get a free quote from TWorld ICT and discover how inexpensively your phone can be repaired using 100% genuine parts.  Parts you know are going to work right and last.

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