How to Buy a Phone on Ebay (The Smart Way)

How to Buy a Phone on Ebay (The Smart Way)

Buying a phone either online or in-person is not always a simple task. There are always different things to consider, including the price. The high price tag is never the fun part, but there are ways a person can snag a great deal on a smartphone by shopping for one on Ebay.

When deal shopping on any marketplace, it’s important to know how to score the best deal possible without getting ripped off.

  1. Check if the phone requires a contract. When shopping for a phone at any online marketplace, it’s not always safe to assume that the phone is being sold without a contract. If you are looking to buy a phone without going under contract, then make sure the good deal you find on a smartphone does not come with a contract.
  2. Search for phones compatible with your mobile company. If you want to continue with your mobile provider, then be sure to see which carriers the phone is compatible with or locked to.
  3. Look for an unlocked phone. If you wish to use your phone in other countries without issue, try to find a phone that is unlocked.
  4. Be careful with SIM cards. If you use a carrier that uses a SIM card, make sure that the SIM card size from your carrier matches the SIM card size of the phone you intend to buy. There are many different SIM card sizes so it’s important to make sure your SIM card will fit into your new phone.
  5. Read descriptions in detail before buying. Often, the products listed on marketplaces such as Ebay have defects of some kind or are refurbished. Read the product descriptions carefully before buying a discounted phone through any online marketplace.
  6. Stay away from phones that are listed as “jailbroken”. Phones that are listed as “jailbroken” should be avoided. While some features may be enhanced, manufacturer’s will not honor warranties on phones that have been jailbroken because some parts of the phone will not function as well as the enhanced parts of it.
  7. Check to see if any accessories are included. Make sure you read the product description to see if you are at least getting the charger along with it. It is not always save to assume that every listing on Ebay will include the same accessories we expect to receive with a brand new phone from an actual store.
  8. Test your phone immediately and be careful with it. Once you’ve decided on the right phone to purchase, make sure you charge it as soon as you receive it and carefully test it to make sure functions as it should. If you are able to make returns, be sure to make the seller aware of any issues, pack it up and return it as soon as possible.
  9. Sell it again. If you are unable to return the faulty phone, then as a last resort, you can try selling it again through Ebay or another online marketplace.

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