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Telco World is now a proud reseller for the Worlds Toughest screen protectors in – Buff Screen Protectors

Do you want to be TUFF? Be BUFF!

The film is consists of four layers and each has different functions. Firstly Shock Absorptive Cushioning Layer and Shock Dispersive Cushioning Layer make double cushions for any external shocks. Shock Absorptive Cushioning Layer would be the first barrier which absorbs the most of the shocks and the rest of it (if there is any) would be dispersed by Shock Dispersive Cushioning Layer. Buff Lab proudly may announce that its unique technology has overcome one of the general weak points of most of shock absorptive films have – high elasticity- thanks to the Stretch Resistant Layer. Air bubble–releasing / Repositionable Silicon Adhesive Layer is made only for users\’ film attaching convenience. The layer enables re-attaching of the film and spontaneous dispersion of little air bubbles.

What is Buff Ultimate Shock Absorbtion Screen Protector?

Buff Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector is an innovative and advanced shock absorption film that Buff Lab proudly presents. Please read “ABOUT”.

What is the maximum level of shock it can protect?

Buff Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector may protect your device from daily life general/ accidental shocks very effectively. However, Buff may not guarantee the full protection for any intentional powerful impacts on the device. Also please note that the attached conditions of the film and device using environment may affect the level of the shock abortion film provides.

I can see the air bubbles between the film and my device, what should I do?

Air Bubble-Releasing Ailicon Adhesive Layer of the film may disperse the bubbles within 24 to 48 hours. (Time may vary depends on the weather condition.)

I applied the film crooked, can I retry to do it?

This is why we developed repositionable silicon adhesive layer. Users may retry adhesions for several times.

Application Instructions

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BUFF Labs Limited Warranty

This screen protection film is intended to provide enhanced impact protection versus regular scratch-proof screen protection film. User agrees that Buff Labs liability is limited to repair or replacement of the screen protection film exclusively. In no circumstances shall Buff Labs be liable for any items (including electronics) used in conjunction with Buff Labs products. Buff Labs cannot ensure proper application of the film, nor post-production damage to the film and therefore is not responsible for any damages to contents protected by the film. It is users responsibility to ensure the film will protect the contents to users satisfaction. User uses this film at his/her own discretion and takes responsibility for any damages to any items used with the film.


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