Common Cell Phone Repairs

Common Cell Phone Repairs

When it comes to your mobile device, dealing with malfunctions and various glitches can get tiresome. If you find yourself facing issues, then you are likely not alone. Check out a few of the more common scenarios people face and see what can be done about them. Sometimes the solutions are simpler than you think!

If you are looking to upgrade or need some damages addressed, any Telstra shop in Melbourne will be happy to help you out.

Frozen Apps

Do your apps keep causing issues? Sometimes, the programs in your phone hit errors and do not know how to adjust accordingly. Since no solutions can be found, they simply come to a halt, causing your screen to freeze up and your phone to become unresponsive.

Many times, all these apps need is a simple restart. When given the chance to start fresh again, they usually perform normally with no further issues. Research how to reset apps on your specific device. If an app reset does not fix the issue, try restarting your phone. If all else fails, a factory reset may be in order. Turn to your phone provider if issues persist.

Cracked Screens

Cracked screens are all too common in the world of mobile devices. Just about every cell phone user has dealt with this issue at least once and it can be a hassle to get fixed. While there are do-it-yourself solutions out there, your safest bet would be to see a professional who know how to properly disassemble and reassemble the device.

There are many Telstra shops throughout Melbourne that will work quickly to fix any cracked screen. Simply bring in your phone, let a professional do the work, and soon enough you will be back to your normal lifestyle. In some situations, a new phone may be needed, in which case a dealer would be happy to work with you to see what your warranty may cover.

Water Damage

Water damage is all too common in the world of cell phones. Whether the device gets dropped in the bathtub, spilled on at a restaurant, or accidentally tossed into the swimming pool, exposure to water can trigger various malfunctions almost instantly.

If your cell phone is facing potential water damage, your first step should be to turn it off. Then, take it apart, separating it into as many pieces as possible. Getting the various components separated will help it to dry out quickly and you may save yourself a visit to the repair shop. After adequate time has passed, reassemble your phone and try to turn it on. If it still is not working, it may be time to call in an expert.

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