Apple’s Tiny Shock Absorbers: A Surprising New Patent

Have you ever cracked a screen by dropping your iPhone? Or damaged your SIM card, when your phone hit the sidewalk? Obviousy a lot, as 30% of iPhones have cracked screens, according to CNET. At best, we end up with a hairline fracture at the corner of our iPhone, driving us crazy for the rest of the time we own that phone. At worst, our phone is damaged beyond repair, where you not only have to live without a phone, but you could lose priceless information as well.


Absorbing The Shock

iPhones are tough, there is no doubt about that. Tough enough to survive our daily lives, usually with just a bit of scuff. Even the most durable objects breaks, unfortunately – a fact that caused Apple’s engineers to file a surprising new patent.

The new patent describes an automated sensor that would sense if an iPhone were ever dropped, or somehow unexpectedly left the hand. When the sensor senses the drop, it deploys tiny silicon shock absorbers at the corners. These absorbers will theoretically protect the iPhone, preventing countless unnecessary breakages every year.

Whether this project will see development remains to be seen, however, or will it just become another stagnant patent, like the pop-up joystick in the HOME button they were proposing?

The implications of automated sensors are interesting, as is the potential of the software to run it. This is another instance of technology being developed to anticipate our needs and protect our devices, which is much appreciated considering how dependant we all are on our phones.

The Bottom Line

This surprising patent could have major implications. People spend $6 billion dollars a year repairing iPhones. Much of that damage isn’t covered under the Apple Warranty either, such as liquid damage, meaning it’s got to be paid out of pocket.

To live an integrated digital life, we need devices that can withstand the strain of modern life and everyday use. Apple is taking steps in the right direction. Now if we can just get a waterproof bubble.

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