Android P. Is Your Guess As Good As Ours?

Android P. Is Your Guess As Good As Ours?

Android’s culture of perpetual innovation is not limited only to technology, as the platform keeps eager users guessing and conjuring possible names in anticipation of its next iteration. Before delving into the exciting guessing games for the anxiously anticipated latest Android version, you may wonder; why the excitement? Perhaps the question is moot considering Android’s massive mobile OS market share of about 85% globally. The OS is expected to drive over 1.5 billion mobile phones by 2021. As a matter of fact, it seems the battle is an internal one, between the various iterations of the Android OS rather than its competitors. The mobile OS is about to release its latest version, and this normally sends the entire Android world agog with various names that might just fit the bill. It is usually a lot of fun.

Having had some juicy bites of the Android Oreo, aficionados of the Android operating system are now having tons of brainstorming fun trying to pinpoint the name of Oreo’s successor to be released later this year. By convention, the OS names its versions after desserts, tasty and popular ones especially and it does so in alphabetical order. Just for the trips, let’s traipse a little down memory lane to see the earlier names. You will notice the alphabetical order in which it progresses. Do you have a name in mind too? Browse the list after these names to find your favourite.

1. Cupcake
2. Donut
3. Eclair
4. Froyo
5. Gingerbread
6. Honeycomb
7. Ice Cream Sandwich
8. Jelly Bean
9. KitKat
10. Lollipop
11. Marshmallow
12. Nougat
13. Oreo
14. P

So, the Alphabet P is up for grabs in 2018, and the guessing game is in full swing. Users are throwing their entries into the hat and these range from Pie to Puddings! However, here are some of the most likely ‘candidates’ to carry the Android flag for a while. Take a good look and have fun with the game too.

1. Android 9.0 – Pound Cake

This is an American dessert that never fails to thrill the palate. Lovely to the eye and scintillating to the taste buds, it sounds like what Android lovers will love to call their OS. It also has a physical look that can easily be mimicked by the regular Android figurines. While it has a strong American tradition which serves Google’s foundations as an American company, it may not be the very best option available to the mobile OS.

2. Android 9.0 – Pastille

This is certainly an exciting option for naming the latest Android version, and if you are a dessert lover, you are bound to be familiar with Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles. This hard and chewy candy us also a very creative option for an Android mascot. Just imagine those colourful pastilles with two antennas. Certainly worth considering for the OS but will Android look in its direction? That remains to be seen although it is a viable option.

3. Android 9.0 – Popsicle

For many lovers of the Android system, this seems to be one of the most popular candidates for the name out there. It rolls well off the tongue, and everyone knows about it. No need to start getting people familiar with it. Although it is globally famous, its American connections (like Google) is unmistakable. Again, its ability to look good with two antennas sticking out cheekily also stands it in good stead to breast the tape ahead of other ‘candidates’. Why is this looking so good? Well, the Android 9.0 is expected to be released in the summer months and what could look better than an ice popsicle?

4. Android 9.0 – Pancake

Who can mistake a pancake for something else? A global breakfast favourite, pancakes are also pleasing to the eyes, easy to visually ‘dress up’ and look good as a mascot. This should appeal to many Android lovers across the world while providing branding opportunities as far as creativity is concerned. This is also one of the most popular options for this new version.

5. Android 9.0 – Pop Tarts
While this may look odd, bear in mind that Android has earlier on teamed up with famous brands like KitKat and Oreo. However, the challenge here will be the phonetic sound as this plural form of the famous pop tart does not quite roll well off the tongue. This is not to rule out though, as it remains an excellent co-branding opportunity for the mobile OS.

6. Android 9.0 – Peppermint

Unmistakable by sight and pleasant to the tastebuds, peppermint is also a global treat and recognisable all over the world. What’s its purpose? To provide freshness when it dissolves in the mouth so it fits the latest Android iteration quite well; Android Peppermint. How’s that for a fresh breathe of mobile OS? Surely a sensible alternative.

7. Android 9.0 – Peanut Butter Cookie

If you are thinking, “well, this sounds too long for a name”, just recall that an earlier version was named Ice Cream Sandwich. So, Android Peanut Butter Cookie sounds just as good. Certainly a sweet treat, and like the Oreo, popular enough for the OS’s global followership while providing excellent opportunities for visual creations to suit the Android mascot.

8. Android 9.0 – Pecan Pie

Another ‘crowd favourite’, it sounds well with the Android name. Very imaginative and pleasant to taste. Android Pecan Pie does not sound like a bad idea at all.

9. Android 9.0 – Popover

This crusty treat may be a bit of an outlier for an Android name, but it fits most of the descriptions anyone would want. Android Popover sounds very well to the ears and looks good to the eyes too. Will Google choose this one? That remains to be seen!

10. Android 9.0 – Pina Colada

A refreshing treat, fit for those hot summer months when the new version of Android is expected to be released, Pina Colada ticks most boxes you would list for an Android name. Think of it, Android Pina Colada. Excellent visual opportunities too as it is pleasing to the eye with the two antennas replacing the straws popping out of the glass rim.

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