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The world now considers plugging into a mobile phone an essential need, which is why almost all of us are clamoring for these handheld devices. Packed with powerful functionalities that allow us to connect to the larger sphere in a short amount of time, they have radically changed the way we carry out normal daily functions – and even live our lives.

TWorld ICT Pty. Ltd. knows that the demand for mobile phones is one that will continually rise, and we are committed to satisfactorily addressing it for people in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

More than just one of your trusted Telstra shops, we offer new and used mobile phones of differing brands, models, colours, styles, operating systems, and features.

With this broad selection, businesses and individuals interested in connecting with their family, friends, and staff are assured of finding something that fits their personal preferences.

While each of our products is unique, they all feature our brand of:

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    • Commitment to High Standards: We source our new mobile phones from established manufacturers that have proven their worth to the world. Our old phones, on the other hand, undergo a stringent vetting process to ensure that they bring additional value to your life. This is because we know that devices that are engineered to make life better should do exactly that – no risks of intermittent performance, no time wasted over problems.
    • Personalised Guidance: Our friendly team is trained to provide handy tips and advice to each of our clients. If you are confused about two separate models that seem to offer the same functionalities, we will help you understand which will be more ideal for your requirements, lifestyle, and budget. We guide you toward finding the right mobile phone because we care about granting a customer experience that you deserve.

    Other Services

    Aside from being your trusted source of new and old mobile phones, TWorld ICT is also an authorised Telstra store. As a dealer, we are in a unique position to offer cost-effective plans for you, your family, or your business. In addition, we provide drop-in repair solutions that accommodate a wide range of phone and tablet issues, so that you can save on time and costs.

    Browse our catalog for your dream phone, choose the plan that sounds best for what you have in mind, and have a look at our other services. Get in touch with TWorld ICT by calling (03) 9555 5502. We serve Melbourne, Moorabbin, and Bentleigh, Australia.