iPhone Repair Service


Cracked display got you down? Malfunctioning buttons bumming you out?

Nearly 25% of iPhone users have reported living with minor damages, such as cracked screens and water damages. It stands to reason – we use our iPhones for everything these days, from meat thermometers to meeting new people, and all points in-between. Anything you use that much is going to get scuffed up.

A lot of people choose to live with the cosmetic damages, thinking they’re no big deal. Unfortunately, small problems have a tendency to become bigger issues.



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    Reasons To Repair Your iPhone:

    Let TWorld ICT take the hassle and stress out of your iPhone repair problem for you.

    The Risks Of A Damaged iPhone…

    • A cracked screen can spread, becoming a shattered screen.
    • Makes your iPhone vulnerable to the elements.
    • The glass from a shattered screen can post a health hazard.
    • A cracked screen exposes the digitizer, which can lead to permanent damage.
    • Appears unproffesional.
    • Distracts you from what you’re trying to look at on your phone.


    Not Having Your Phone Can Mean…

    • Being Out Of Touch
    • Missed Opportunities
    • Inability To Use Your Smart Phone Features
    • Could be dangerous, in the case of emergenices.

    Once an iPhone has been damages, hard drives and SIM card are much more susceptible to damage. This could leave you stranded without a phone all together.

    Don’t get stranded without your phone! Our trained technicians are standing by to return your iPhone to its pristine working condition.


    Have an iPhone that needs repair?

    Over the last ten years, our technicians have faced just about every kind of repair challenge there is. They are able to fix almost any kind of damage to your smart phone, iPhone, or iDevice.

    Our iPhone repair technicians are some of the fastest in Melbourne. Most iPhone repairs are completed within 24 hours. Same day service is also available with our ‘Priority Service’ option.

    Please note, repair time depends on part availability.

    TWorld ICT uses 100% original parts for most of our repairs. We offer free quotes on most repairs. Loaner phones are available upon request.

    Questions/Comments/Concerns/Praise? Give us a call at (03) 9555 5502 or make a booking online.

    No appointment necessary, so come to TWorld ICT today and let us help fix your iPhone!