PRIORITY SERVICE: Smart Phone & Tablet Repair

Are you looking for a source of an iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne and you’re in a hurry?

Make an appointment online and jump the queue and we make your phone our priority. Our turnaround time for this service is usually few hours. Book TODAY for only $20 extra.

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    Please complete the form below and one of the team at TWorld ICT will get in touch with you as soon as possible. For over the phone quotes please call us on 03 9555 5502.

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    • With our Priority Service, we will ensure our best effort to have your phone up and running within the shortest period possible, however some circumstances may result in a longer repair time, and is always subject to part availability.
    • Some faults, such as water-damaged phones might take longer to repair, depending on the extent of corrosion and internal damage.
    • Over the counter quotes are given for standard faults (eg: LCD, TouchPad, Speaker Housing, etc). Upon further inspection, other faults maybe discovered and may need re-quoting, as well as additional time to repair.

    TWorld ICT – Your Mobile Phone Repair Experts

    TWorld ICT are experts at mobile phones repair such as iPad 4 screen replacement for Bentleigh, Moorabbin, and all throughout Melbourne. We have a large inventory of parts and can fix almost any type of problem with your mobile phone and tablets. We also back up the quality of our work with a 90-day warranty on repairs.

    No Need to Buy a New Phone

    Your phone is your best friend. It is your constant companion that’s ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. You have probably gotten used to it and know how to use all its features, so when your smartphone gets damaged or broken, it becomes a big inconvenience. Instead of throwing it away and buying a new phone – which would cost a lot if you’re buying a similar or higher end smartphone – you can have it fixed. TWorld ICT can make your phone as good as new for much less.

    Even if you think that your device is beyond repair, don’t discard it. We have been fixing mobile phones for over 10 years and there are very few models that we can’t repair. For owners of Android smart phones, iPhones and other smartphone brands, our expert team can address all of your communication needs and phone problems.

    We can take care of most of your phone problems quickly and affordably such as:
    • Cracked or malfunctioning smartphone, iPhone and iDevice Touch Screens
    • Your phone has gotten wet (95% Success Rate!)
    • Speakers and microphones have stopped working
    • Keypad is not working correctly
    • The phone is not charging
    • The battery drains easily
    • Your phone drops signals
    • Cosmetic cell phone damage
    • Software problems and upgrades
    • And many more!
    We can repair many brands of mobile devices including:
    • Android & Windows Mobile/RT Devices
    • Apple iPhone / iPad
    • BlackBerry
    • HTC
    • Motorolla
    • Nokia
    • Samsung Smartphones/Tablets
    • And others!

    Best Customer Care

    If you are not in a hurry, you can also go to our shop and drop it off without an appointment through our priority service. We are located at 451 South Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204. We can complete most repairs within 24 hours but if you feel that you can’t live without your phone for even a day, we can supply a FREE “loan fone”.

    Our goal is to provide the best customer care possible, which is why we offer even more options to get your phone fixed as easily and quickly as possible. If you don’t have time to bring your phone to our store, then we offer a mail-in service and a Courier Please service to have your iPad 4 screen replacement or other repairs done in Melbourne.

    For more information about our repair and other services, click here.

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