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Mail-in Mobile Phone Repair Service

If you need Android or iPhone 4 repairs, or any other kind of mobile phone repairs, TWorld ICT is the expert to turn to for smart phone and iPhone repairs.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, TWorld ICT, (formerly Beltz’s Mobile Phones & Repairs Moorabbin), has more than 10 years of telecommunication industry experience with a focus on mobile phones repair. We address a slew of smartphone problems, particularly damages that can void the warranty of your iPhone and smart phone.

With an extensive inventory of mobile phone parts, we are able to fix almost any kind problem with your mobile phone, including faulty screens and many other types of issues. We offer a free 90-day warranty on repairs and overnight delivery in metro areas.

Located at 451 South Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204, TWorld ICT provides services such as Android and iPhone 4 repairs for clients in Melbourne, Moorabbin, and Bentleigh, Australia. You can bring your device in and drop it off at our shop. If that is inconvenient for you or we are a bit of a drive from your home, you can just mail it to us.

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    Mail-In Repair Service (Normally 1-3 days returned)

    Send your phone in and we will send it back to you as soon as it is ready. Depending where you are we will return your phone by express post or courier, so you get your phone back FAST & Safe!!! ($12.50 for return mail/courier)

    How It Works:

    1. Use our ADDRESS LABEL and include our JOB SHEET with your repair.
    2. We provide you with a quote before we commence any work, if not already quoted.
    3. We contact you via email / phone / sms to advise you when your repair is completed.
    4. You can pay with a credit card over the phone or direct deposit into our bank account – excludes Amex and Diners
    5. Once payment has been received, we will send your mobile phone straight back to you if you wish $12.50 courier fee (surcharges may apply for some rural areas).

    Packing Instructions…

    • Backup your phone prior to sending it to us (if possible).
    • Print and download our ADDRESS LABEL.
    • Fill in and sign our JOB SHEET and include it with your mobile phone repair.
    • Remove the SIM card and Memory Card.
    • Send your phone with a fully charged battery.
    • Please do not send any accessories (usb cable, sim card, charger etc.) which are not related to the fault.
    • Please do NOT send us or use the original sales package.
    • We recommend you send your mobile phone insured in protective packaging.

    What kind of iDevice or iPhone 4 repairs can you do?

    Over the last ten years, our technicians have faced just about every kind of repair challenge there is. They are able to fix almost any kind of damage to your smart phone, iPhone, or iDevice.

    We can repair many types and brands of phones and tablets including:
    • Apple iPhone / iPad
    • Android & Windows Mobile/RT Devices
    • Samsung Smart Phones/Tablets
    • Nokia
    • HTC
    • Motorolla
    • BlackBerry
    • And more!

    Mobile devices are vulnerable to many kinds of damage such as those resulting from accidents and the eventual wear and tear they receive from near constant use. Buying a new phone every time you damage your phone is expensive and unnecessary. We can repair your phone for a lot less than what a new one will cost.

    You may think that the damage your device has is beyond repair, but no worries, TWorld ICT is here!

    We can successfully repair:
    • iPhone and iDevice Touch Screens
    • Phones damaged by water (95% Success Rate!)
    • Replace speakers and microphones
    • Complete screen replacement
    • Smart Phone Touch Screen Repairs
    • Fix Cosmetic Damage
    • And much more!

    Please follow the mailing instructions and your phone will be returned in working order in one to three days.

    For more information about our repair and other services, click here.

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