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Apple Might Be Switching To New Curved AMOLED Screen For Next iPhone

iPhone 5 repairs melbourneAlthough the iPhone SE is still the talk of the town, as Apple’s newest release, we can’t help but wonder what the tech giant has up their sleeve next.

A note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo provides a slight hint what might be in store for the iPhone 7. According to Kuo, Apple might be going with a curved glass front for the iPhone 7, with metal sides and thinner bezels for a more comfortable grip.

In even bigger news, the iPhone 7 might switch to a new AMOLED screen, instead of the familiar LCD display. AMOLED displays can be much more energy efficient than LCDs, which could be good news for our battery lives, or allow for the possibility of more powerful components. AMOLED screens can be lighter and more flexible than LCDs, as well, further reinforcing the curved design rumors.

The only uncertainty is whether or not the manufacturer will be able to meet the demands. If they can, Apple might upgrade to a 5.8″ display, upgrading from the current 5.5″. Otherwise, the AMOLED screens might be available as an upgrade.

These are just some of the possible upgrades and amendments slated for the iPhone 7. There is some speculation that the iPhone 7 will accomodate wireless charging, although it remains to be seen if Apple will choose a proprietary solution, or work with existing wireless charging technologies, such as PMA, Rezence, and Qi. There is also some talk of facial recognition software and iris scanning, to offer another security level, in addition to the fingerprint touch scan.

The iPhone 7 is shaping up to be one of the most extreme updates yet!

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Apple’s Liam Robot Is Harvesting Precious Metals From Recycled iPhones

iPhone 6 repair MelbourneThere’s been a growing cause for concern and criticism, regarding the amount of precious metals used in mobile phones and devices. In fact, one ton of recycled iPhones yield more precious metals than a ton of ore from some of the Earth’s most valuable precious metal deposits.

This extreme consumption is just going to increase, as Apple and other tech giants roll out new technologies at increasing speeds. The global e-waste market is projected to become a $5.04 billion industry, by 2020, with 1/3 of the discarded mobiles coming from the United States and China.

That’s a lot of discarded ore!

While Apple has been working hand-in-hand with 3rd party iPhone recyclers, they’ve decided to take matters into one robotic hand, with the introduction of the Liam Robot.

h1>Introducing Liam, The Recycling Robot

Developed over the span of three years, Liam is focusing on salvaging precious metals from iPhone 6’s. The automaton will remove Lithium and Cobalt from the batteries, mine copper and gold from the camera, and strip silver and platinum from the motherboard.

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Liam is made up of different modules, that can deconstruct an iPhone 6 in 11 seconds. The Liam Robot will only be able to recycle a few million handsets a year, however, but Apple are working on installing a second unit in Europe, to double the recycling capacity.

This is just another step in Apple’s sustainability efforts. As of 2013, all of Apple’s data centers have been operating entirely on renewable energy, with 93% of their overall consumption coming from renewable sources.

Considering the amount of precious metals that go into an iPhone 6, it’s just one more great reason to repair your iPhone 6 in Melbourne, rather than buying a whole brand-new device.

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5 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile Phone Repairs MelbourneThere is a tendency, with technology, to always have the newest, flashiest, most expensive gizmo or gadget, even if you don’t need it. Cell phones and tablets have become the newest status symbol, as we see celebrities pulling out iPhone’s the size of a small pizza out of their Coach purse or Armani suit.

While there’s no denying the exciting possibilities of the newest, most cutting-edge technology, most of us simply don’t need a new phone or mobile device every year.

It can be tempting to just ditch your phone or tablet, if it’s suffered a mishap. This isn’t your only option, however – fixing your cell phone or mobile device can be significantly cheaper than buying a brand new handset, not to mention being better for the environment, and saving you the headache and hassle of transferring your life to a brand new phone.

A lot more people would choose to repair their mobiles, if they knew how fast, cheap, and easy it is to fix a device.

Here’s 5 common misconceptions about mobile phone repair.

5 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Phone Repair

  1. Mobile Phone Repair Will Void Your Warranty: If you’re suffering from accidental damage, like a cracked screen or water damage, your warranty won’t cover the repair. Likewise, if your handset is over a year old, your warranty is already gone anyway. A salesperson might try and sell you a brand new device, but repair technicians only want to see you with phone in hand as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  2. It’s Too Expensive: Not true. Mobile phone repairs, in Melbourne and elsewhere, are much cheaper than buying a whole new phone. There are also repairs available at all price points, so anyone can afford to have a beautifully functioning device.
  3. It Can’t Be Fixed: We doubt that, severely. With over 10 years of experience as one of Melbourne’s leading mobile repair technicians, we’ve encountered nearly every malfunction in the operation manual, and fixed them all.
  4. “I Can Do It Myself”: While it’s true that there are nearly limitless resources for today’s DIY-er, mobile phones and devices are notoriously tricky to work on. Even getting it open can be a pain. Many repair kits and replacement parts are sub-standard, as well. When you go with a repair technician, your cell phone is repaired using original manufacturer parts, whenever possible.
  5. Cell phone repair shops aren’t certified: We are. TWorld ICT is certified to repair every major mobile phone and device.

So what are you waiting for? Let us return your mobile phone or device to like new, quickly and painlessly.

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Two Lucky Samsung Galaxy S5 Owners Got The Android 6.0.1 Upgrade Early

Samsung MelbourneWith the Samsung Marshmallow upgrade right around the corner, it seems like everyone’s talking about Android 6.0.1. Countless speculative posts are flooding tech sites, forums, and message boards, wondering what the highly anticipated upgrade might have in store.

Those who can’t wait might be interested to get a sneak peak. With a bit of digging, you can, as a few unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 received a surprise upgrade earlier this year.

In December, one lucky Samsung Galaxy S5 owner got a surprise package, when Samsung accidentally updated their phone to Android 6.0.1 a few months ahead of schedule. It happened again in France in January, when another unlocked Galaxy S5 owner got the Android 6.0.1 update.

Android 6.0.1 is slated for widespread release in April. Android 6.0.1 will include Doze – a new feature which will increase standy by, and therefore battery life, by putting the handset into a deeper sleep state. Apps permissions will be changed, with Android users being able to accept or deny permissions on a feature-by-feature basis. Google Now On Tap will return search results based on on-screen content.

These are just a few brief glimpses into what the Android 6.0.1 update will bring in a few weeks, for those with an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5. It should be interesting to see what happens with the widespread release.

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Telstra Is Leading The Mobile Upgrade For MCG For 2016 AFL Season

Telstra Melbourne Every year, millions of sport fans pack the Melbourne Cricket Ground, to fill the iconic 100,000-capacity venue. This is great for fans looking for the electricity of a live crowd, but less great for mobile reception.

Telstra is doing their bit to correct this conundrum, leading the charge to upgrade the mobile 3G and 4G networks, making the Melbourne Cricket Ground the most connected sporting arena in the Southern Hemisphere.

For the 2016 AFL Season, instead of dealing with endless buffering, dropped data, and missed phone calls, sports fans will be able to use their mobile inside MCG, and the surrounding car park, just like the rest of the Telstra network.

Whether you’re hoping to catch the season opening, The Boxing Day Test Match, or Grand Final Day, Telstra customers will be able to browse, tweet, text, and call with crystal clarity, to augment their viewing pleasure. Users will be able to access exclusive content, via the AFL Live Pass.

This mobile upgrade positions MCG to be ready for the next generation of mobile-enhanced viewing experience, like the LTE-Broadcast. The LTE-Broadcast will feature dedicated video streaming, including HD, multi-camera feeds of the match.

The Telstra-led mobile upgrade is the fruition of a two year project, which required a cutting-edge design to make use of MCG’s core infrastructure, and adding an incredible amount of new technology to accommodate 100,000 cricket fans. 430 antennas have been strategically placed around the venue, which are connected via over 33 km of cables, and 132 transmitters to deliver the widest array of carrier frequencies in the Southern Hemisphere.

This upgrade is another example of Telstra’s mission to provide its customers with the best AFL experience imaginable.

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