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iPhone Sales Decline For The First Time EVER!

iPhone MelbourneFor the first time since Apple launched its game-changing iPhone 12 twelve years ago, the seemingly unstoppable mobile juggernaut has announced a decline in sales.

Apple has recently announced its fiscal findings from the Second Quarter of 2016, with surprising results. iPhone sales have dropped to 51.1 million units, in the first three months of 2016. This is a decline from the 61.1 million units Apple sold in Q2 of 2015.

Things aren’t boding well for Apple, with the company anticipating a double-digit decline for the current quarter as well, with a predicted target of between $41 and $43 billion for Q3, which will end in June, coming in at significantly lower than analyst’s predictions of $47.3 billion.

Apple stocks have seen a similar decline, falling 6% per share, in the Second Quarter of 2016.

Despite the grim findings and predictions, Apple CEO Tim Cook remains optimistic, with a number of innovations rumored to roll out, throughout the year.

The decline in sales may have more to do with larger global trends, like market saturation. We’re finally reaching a point where everyone who wants a smartphone already has one. A sluggish economy in China, which is one of Apple’s most important markets, has also been attributed for flagging sales.

Apple is stemming the tide, and trying to bolster profits, by continuing to roll out a series of wearable devices and music streaming services throughout the year, which should help, although not being as profitable for the mobile manufacturer as iPhone sales.

To further quiet criticism, Apple is increasing the quarterly dividends of its shareholders by 10% a share. Apple’s also planning on buying back a large portion of stocks, increasing its spending by 25%, to $157 billion.

It should be interesting to see what happens with Apple, over the coming months.

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5 Surprising Facts About Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile Phone Repairs MelbourneWith every new day – with practically every second – we seem to be growing more and more dependent on our smartphones to function in our daily lives. We use them to look up movie times, find a great brownie recipe, talk to our moms, our lovers, keep track of our kids… We use our phones for absolutely everything.

Keeping that in mind, it’s becoming less and less of an option to go without a cellphone, or even living with a damaged handset.

Read on, to find out 5 surprising facts about mobile phone repairs.

5 Surprising Facts About Mobile Phone Repairs

  1. Apple sold around 51.2 million iPhones last quarter. At the beginning of April 2016, Apple announced its financial statistics for Q2 of 2016. Although the smartphone titan is reporting a decline in sales for the first time in 13 years, that’s still a healthy trade! Considering that, on avearge, ⅓ of iPhone owners report living with cracked screens, or other minor cosmetic damages, that’s a staggering 17 million new handsets, every three months, to be kept in perfect working order.
  2. The two most common smartphone activities are texting and taking photos.While it may be called a “smartphone”, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg of what these wunder-devices are capable of. Heck, many of us barely use the speech capabilities of our phones at all, except to order a pizza when there’s no emoji delivery. That means having our screens in pristine condition is even more important than ever. Not only are cracked screens an eyesore, they can even prove a health risk, via cut fingers, and that’s not even mentioning the restricted activities or the risk to our phone’s data.
  3. 12% of iPhones are damaged by spilled beer. Water damage is one of the most common causes for mobile phone repair. That’s water, specifically. In fact, only 1 out of 8 mobile phones are damaged due to drinking-related accidents!
  4. The second most common cause of liquid damage is spilled soda. Although spilled water is the leading cause of liquid damage, soda follows closely behind. The sticky, sugary liquid is even more of a nightmare to repair than regular old Hydrogen Hydroxide, so keep those handsets away from your Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb!
  5. If you can make it through you’re first year, you’re golden. Roughly 10% of iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy owners damage their device within a year of getting it. Sometimes, tragicallly, it can happen within weeks of purchasing our brand new, high-tech device.

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Samsung Races Ahead Of The Mobile Market With The Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 MelbourneSamsung seemed primed to dominate the mobile markets in 2012, with the launch of their flagship S3 smartphone. The S3 kickstarted a healthy market run, with five successive quarters of profits.

Unfortunately, Samsung weren’t able to keep their winning streak going, as each successive generation of Samsung Galaxies failed to capture their customers’ imaginations, leading to seven quarters of reported losses.

This decline seems to be turning around, as the South Korean electronics manufacturer reported a profit of $5.8 billion for 2016’s first quarter – a 12% increase over last year’s first quarter. Samsung even managed to exceed analysts’ predictions, which is a great sign for the future of Samsung’s mobile department.

Samsung’s turnaround couldn’t have come at a better time, with the company reporting an operating profit of $3.89 trillion – nearly a 42% profit from 2015’s first quarter, and the highest for Samsung since 2014.

Although the manufacturer doesn’t release specific figures, it’s estimated that Samsung shipped 9.5 million Galaxy S7’s this quarter, surpassing the expectations of many financial speculators. Samsung’s chip division is also reportedly in the black, with a net profit of $2.63 trillion won, despite being a 10% decline from 2015’s first-quarter chip sales.

Samsung is predicting healthy sales for the second quarter, as well, due to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Considering that most smartphone manufacturers have reported a decline in sales, this quarter, these figures suggest that Samsung is stealing back the hearts, minds, and imaginations of savvy smartphone lovers.

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Telstra Expands Program To Help Victims Of Domestic Violence Stay Connected Safely

Telstra Shop MelbourneOn March 17, 2016, Telstra announced its partnership with Federal Government and Women’s Services Network (WESNET), expanding the Safe Connections program, which will provide up to 20,000 survivors of domestic violence.

The program received enthusiastic accolades from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for their participation in the Women’s Safety Package.

Speaking on the new program, Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said, “I am a technology optimist and that is why I am so proud Telstra is part of the Safe Connections program. Safe Connections is about empowering women impacted by domestic violence and we know first-hand from our partnership with WESNET that this program makes a real difference. Technology, especially a mobile phone, is now a major part of everyday life.
It is vitally important anyone in a domestic violence situation has access to safe, secure communications so they can stay connected with family and friends at a time when they need to most. It is also critical women are aware telephone, surveillance and computer technologies are increasingly being used to monitor and harass victims and what to do about it.”

In addition to the smartphones, the recipients will also receive special training on how to control the security and privacy settings. There will also be special training on how to gather court evidence, using smartphones.

‘Safe Connections’ is the newest initiative under the ‘Everyone Connected’ program, geared towards addressing the communication needs of disadvantaged Australians.

Programs like ‘Safe Connections’ are essential towards making the best of technology, while diminishing the harm as much as possible.

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The iPhone SE Is Using Parts From 4 Generations Of iPhone

iPhone SE iPhone 5 repairs MelbourneThe iPhone SE is the talk of the town, as the newest, shiniest iPhone on the market. It’s widely known, at this point, that the iPhone SE is an iPhone 6S inside an iPhone 5S body. Opening up the hood, however, reveals a more complicated story.

The iPhone SE, in fact, draws upon four generations of iPhones for its innovative new design.

The website Chipworks opened up a brand new iPhone SE to get a glimpse of the inner workings. They published a labeled diagram, revealing some startling results.

iPhone SE iPhone 5 Repairs Melbourne

A Breakdown Of The iPhone SE

Other than the body, the iPhone SE is drawing upon two iterations of the iPhone 5. Apple’s new device uses the iPhone 5’s 12-megapixel rear/1.2-megapixel forward selfie camera, as well as the touchscreen controller, which dates all the way back to the iPhone 5s. The iPhone SE shoots up to 4K videos, as wel.

From the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE borrows the SK Hynix-made LPDDR4 2GB memory, as well as the NFC Bluetooth technology, audio chips and motion sensor. The internal storage seems to come from the iPhone 6s as well, but a 19nm is slated to replace the 15nm unit currently being used.

Most importantly, the iPhone SE is using the iPhone 6s’ A9 chip, one of the most powerful and versatile microprocessors on the planet. The Apple A9 chipset offers up to 70% more CPU power than the previous chipset, the A8, as well as up to 90% more graphics capability.

The Qualcomm modem is from the original iPhone 6.

Apple seems to be living up to its promise of reinventing a beloved design from the inside out. This is big news, indeed, for people looking for high-power mobile computing, but are reluctant towards the more phablet-like cell phone design.

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