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ZooMoo is coming to Telstra TV!

Telstra TV ZooMooGood news, for lovers of high-quality, innovative educational programming… the popular TV series/app ZooMoo is coming to Telstra TV!

Kids have grown up a lot since the Golden Age of Children’s Programming. While there will always be a warm spot for counting with The Count, or learning life lessons from Bert & Ernie or Sharon, Lois, and Bram, today’s kids are used to a much richer, more interactive educational learning experience. ZooMoo is tailor made for today’s kids, with a rich blend of inspiring wildlife photography, puppetry, animation, and narration.

What makes ZooMoo so special?

ZooMoo is the first completely interactive network for pre-Kindergarten age toddlers dealing exclusively with wildlife and nature. A lovable cast of characters – including a dog photographer, globetrotting pigs, programmer owls, and a ninja gorilla – ZooMoo educates, while it entertains.

ZooMoo’s app is what makes the program so unique, by creating an immersive multi-screen viewing experience when viewed on Telstra TV. ZooMoo’s app syncs, in real-time, with the programs as they air – making Telstra TV even more essential for lovers of learning of all ages.

ZooMoo has been created in conjunction with leading childhood education experts, focusing specifically on how kids learn best and play. Any burgeoning young nature lover will love ZooMoo TV – and its apps – but is specifically geared towards childreen between the age of three and seven.

To download the app, once you’re signed up for Telstra TV in Melbourne – simply visit the Google Play or Apple App Store and search for ‘ZooMoo’.

Fostering a love of the natural world in children while they’re young can create a lifelong fondness and familiarity with nature and wildlife. It’s a natural step in creating a new generation of conservationists and eco-activists.

Want to get your kids started appreciating the beauty and majesty of this world? Come into to a Telstra Shop in Melbourne today, and let us get you set up with Telstra TV today!

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Telstra And TPG Are Australia’s Leading Broadband Wholesalers!

Telstra NBNTelstra have been committed to developing Australia’s information network infrastructure for years. Telstra’s efforts have been paying off, as a market report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recently reported.

According to the ACCC’s report, Telstra has picked up the widest berth of the National Broadcast Network’s wholesale services, throughout Australia, while TPG has been targeting the high-speed Internet market, servicing customers seeking download speeds of 50 Mb/s or more.

Although many other providers are also offering NBN wholesale services, but have barely met the 5% reporting threshold of satellite and wireless services.

The ACCC have reported NBN Co as supplying wholesale access services to 941,325 consumers, as of the end of March, and has committed to delivering 1,004 GB/s in network capacity.

Considering the burgeoning state of the NBN infrastructure, these emerging figures offer a unique insight into what Australia’s information infrastructure might look like, once the NBN has completed its goals.

According to the commissioner of the Australian Competition And Consumer Commission Cristina Cifuentes, “This new report will help the continued development of competitive NBN markets that benefit broadband consumers. In particular, providing information on the state of the market will help service providers in the NBN environment make informed planning decisions so that they are better placed to tailor their services and products to what consumers want.”

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How To Create Round Folder Icons Without Jailbreaking iOS

jailbreak iPhone 5Apple products, like the iPhone 5, aren’t necessarily the easiest devices in the world to personalize, which is unfortunate, considering many of us use our phones as a wallet, camera, media library, and personal assistant, all in one.

This lack of customization is part of what has made jailbreaking such a hot topic among Apple lovers. This runs the risk of nullifying your Apple warranty, however, as the monolithic mobile manufacturer loves to keep their technology under tight wraps.

For Apple users running iOS 9.3 and above, here’s a nifty little trick to round the corners of your folder icons, without having to jailbreak your device and running the risk of defaulting on your warranty.

How To Change Your Folder Icons (without jailbreaking your phone)

  1. Find An Image For Your Wallpaper: The first step is finding an image that you like. Try googling “round folders iOS’ on Google Image search, look around, and save any that catch your eye to your device.
  2. Launch A Photo App: Next, open up your favorite Photo app, either the one that came with your phone, or one you’ve downloaded personally, and open the round folder image you’ve selected in your photo stream.
  3. Use As Wallpaper: Tap the “share” icon to bring up the list of share options. Select “Use As Wallpaper”
  4. Make Sure To Choose “Still”: You will be prompted with an option to choose “Still” or “Perspective”. Select “Still”. On the next screen, choose the “Set Home Screen” option.

That’s all it takes!

When you go back to your Home screen, any folder icons will have the rounded folder icons, but will be otherwise unchanged.

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Coach To Unveil Designer Apple Watch Bands

Coach Apple Watch BandsApple may have been having a rough quarter, these past few years, with a decline in iPhone sales for the first time in their 12-year history, along with the rest of their digital products and services.

The mobile monolith have proven that they’re not licked yet, as they continue to sound optimistic and roll out new designs and products.

Lovers of both the Apple Watch and high fashion have something to look forward to later this year, when Coach wll unveil a new series of designer watch bands for the Apple Watch.

Coach To Unveil New Apple Watch Designer Bands

According to fashion/tech blogger David Boglin de Bautista, via his Haute Ecriture blog, Coach could launch as many as eight different bands, ranging in colors from black to red to white or brown, based on photographs shown to the blogger from a spokesperson from Coach. It’s rumored that there could be patterned watch bands available, as well, and maybe even charm bands.

The Apple Watch designer bands are designed to match Coach’s classic high fashion handbags, from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, including the stylish Tea Rose Applique purse.

It is still uncertain if Coach is acting independently, or working in conjunction with Apple. Previously, Apple has worked with other stylists and designers, including the Hermes brand, who designed an Apple Watch with a distinctive watchband and face.

Coach is just the most recent inductee of high fashion designers to release high class Apple Watches, with or without Apple’s cooperation, like Rebecca Minkoff or Colette, in cunjunction with companies like Casetify or Case-Mate.

Either way, it’s good news for fashionable tech lovers, who don’t want to sacrifice style for the latest in wearable technology.

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The FBI’s Not Sharing Their iPhone Secrets

iPhone 6 Repair MelbourneApple and various government agencies have been going back and forth, these past few months, with the world’s intelligence agencies trying to get Apple to give up access to customer’s private data to help with investigations.

Apple, however, hasn’t been budging, viewing any cooperation as a violation of their customers’ privacy. Considering how many of us own iPhone 5’s, in Melbourne and around the world, the mythical “back door” for Apple’s iPhone would open up the possibility of covert monitoring of a wide swathe of the swathe of the global population.

Despite Apple’s non-compliance, it seems the FBI have discovered a secret way to access an iPhone’s date, but they’re not telling what it is.

Despite Apple’s refusal to play nice with the world’s Intelligentsia, the FBI is still deciding whether or not to share what they’ve learned as part of a White House program to alert software vendors to possible security breaches in their products.

In a recent report to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI has stated they’re not sure they’ve learned enough about hacking iPhones to warrant a statement, after reportedly hiring a hacker to crack into an iPhone 5c, used by a shooter in a recent mass shooting.

Despite the FBI’s statement, electronic rights activists like the Electronic Frontier Foundation criticized the agency back in March, stating that the FBI should share the possible bug.

The FBI have been at least slightly cooperative with the iPhone manufacturers, when they recently informed Apple of a security breach in older versions of iOS and Macs, as was recently reported by Reuters. It seems that Apple already knew about the breach, with an anonymous Apple executive stating the Apple has recently fixed bugs with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.

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