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How to Fix a Water-damaged Mobile Phone

How to Fix a Water-damaged Mobile Phone

If you’re in need of mobile phone repairs due to water damage, we know that’s not necessarily an easy fix. You’re also not the only one! Fixing wet mobile phones tends to a common issue for quite a few mobile users. Check out these four simple steps on how to fix a water-damaged mobile phone.

Four Simple Steps to Fix Your Wet Smartphone

Follow these tried and true and steps for fixing your wet smartphone:

1) Take your cell phone out of the water and carefully dismantle it (i.e. remove the front, back cover and battery).

2) Get a clean dry cloth and wipe off the water. Then, use a methylated spirit and wipe the phone one more time.

3) Keep the mobile components in a cool dry location with good ventilation and air flow to help dry them out. Note: Do not dry your phone by placing it under the sun to dry.

4) Once your phone is dry, carefully assemble your phone and begin using it.

You’re probably asking if this actually works and the answer is, yes. We recently suggested the same four simple steps to a customer who dropped his cellphone in a pool. After diving into the pool to retrieve his mobile phone, he realized it didn’t work. He followed these easy steps and was so happy it worked for him.

Did you know that up to 60% of mobile phones get water damage at least once or twice a year? Also, 80% of mobile phone repairs are due to water damage. At Telcoworld, we have repaired a variety of devices with different kinds of damage, including phones with water damage. We currently have a 95% success rate with our phone repairs service in Melbourne.


Does your phone have water damage or a broken screen? If it does and you think your phone is a lost cause, then visit to book your phone an appointment today.


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5 Reasons Mobile Phone Repairs Are Necessary

5 Reasons Mobile Phone Repairs Are Necessary

In today’s world, people have a tendency to easily toss broken items instead of having them fixed. Many of us believe that replacing broken items will be much cheaper. The truth is, replacing your mobile device is a much more expensive than having it repaired.

Why should you get your cell phone repaired instead of chucking it in the garbage?

 Here are five reasons why:

Price: The cost of replacing your phone could cost more than $500.00 if you are buying a new one outside of your contract. You can of course try and find refurbished or used versions, but you may have other issues down the road, costing you more money. If you choose to have a mobile phone repairs professional fix your phone, then you could easily save yourself $400.00, especially if you just need your screen replaced. You can book an appointment to get your Samsung phone repairs done in Melbourne here.

The Environment: Mobile phones are not bio-degradable and this is bad for the environment and the creatures living in landfills. Lithium ion batteries could explode causing fires, and cause even more damage to our surroundings. If you feel your phone is a lost cause, then it’s best to take it to someone who recycles them or can repurpose them for you.

Better for the Economy: Most cell phone repair shops are small businesses, and employ local people. If you choose to have your iPhone serviced by a professional, then you could be helping put cash back into your local market. You local Sprint store may be local, but they are a corporation and a smaller percentage of the money you spend with them is kept in your local area. You’re also helping a local company such as this iPhone 5 repair shop in Melbourne keep its doors open which is another reason to take your phone to a shop.

Time: If you’re in a hurry to have your hand held device repaired, most shops can have your mobile phone back to you within an hour, an excellent option for anyone who is typically short on time. If there is absolutely no repair shop in your area, most mobile phone specialists can have your mobile phone fixed within 24 hours. Being without your phone isn’t fun, but choosing to get your phone fixed will save you money in the long run.

Security: When you have your device repaired, you won’t have to worry about losing data or having to erase your information. Many people don’t realize that by resetting your phone when you erase your info, the information is still there. You will have to buy a special program to erase all of your sensitive information off of your phone to completely erase all of your information.

Save yourself some time and money and bring your smartphone to a repair shop in Melbourne. Telcoworld specialises in Samsung repairs, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 repairs, and can help with screen repairs in Melbourne.

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How To Repair A Broken iPhone 6 Screen In Less Than 10 Minutes

How To Repair A Broken iPhone 6 Screen In Less Than 10 Minutes

iphone 6 repair melbourneCracked screens are the most common reason for iPhone 6 repairs, which is unsurprising considering the slightest tumble to asphalt or pavement can reduce your brand-new, picture-perfect technology to a spider-webbed nightmare in the blink of an eyelash.

Not only are cracked iPhone 6 screens ugly and unsightly, they also post a health risk – both to your hands and fingers, in the form of cut hands and fingers, as well as your iPhone 6 itself. A cracked iPhone 6 screen exposes your phone’s innards to the elements, running the risk of permanent data loss and equipment malfunction.

Considering this, it’s always a great idea to fix your iPhone when minor damages occur, to protect your investment and your valuable data. Going through Apple can cost hundreds of dollars, however, not to mention leaving you without a phone for days, or even weeks.

For brave, foolhardy souls, unwilling to cough up the cash to get their mobile handset repaired or replaced, or be separated from their phone for any amount of time, it’s possible to replace an iPhone 6 screen in less than 10 minutes, given the right materials and technical savvy.

Here’s how to replace your iPhone 6 screen in less than 10 minutes.

Not confident enough to repair your iPhone 6 screen yourself? Let one of Melbourne’s leading iPhone 6 repairs centers handle it for you!

Before You Begin: Apple Care vs. DIY

It’s important to consider all of your options, when repairing an iPhone 6. If you were smart enough to purchase Apple Care when you got your iPhone 6, you might do well to contact Apple, as most repairs are covered under Apple Care.

If you don’t have Apple Care, but only have a minor crack, it could be worth your while to tackle the repairs yourself.

How To Replace An iPhone 6 Screen:
  1. Get a replacement screen
  2. Power down your handset
  3. Remove dock screws: Using a security or 5-point screwdriver, remove the two screws on either side of the Lightning Dock. Set these screws aside (making sure not to lose them.)
  4. Remove the cracked screen: Use a suction cup to carefully pull up the bottom of the display. Place the suction cup right above the Home button.
  5. Swing the display enough to reveal the top right of the inside of your iPhone 6. This is where the cables sit that will need to be disconnected.
  6. Use a #000 Phillips screwdriver to remove the five screws that are revealed. Be careful not to mix up these screws. They’re all different sizes and need to be put back in exactly same order.
  7. Remove the display shield using small tweezers or your fingers. Just be careful not to snag the cables.
  8. There are four cables connecting the display to the logic board. Remove the first two cables using the flat end of your spudger tool. Be careful not to pry at the board, but only at the cables themselves. They should come free easily.
  9. A third cable will be visible, after removing the first two cables. Remove it the same way you did the previous two.

To replace an iPhone 6 screen:

  1. Replace the display shield and the five screws that secure it, using a #000 Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Line up the top of the display, paying special attention to the grooves at the top of the display.
  3. starting at the top, carefully push the display down. Don’t force it. If it’s not lining up, try again. Don’t use excessive force. If you you feel resistance, something isn’t lining up properly.
  4. Replace both screws on either side of the Lightning Dock. Be careful not to screw them in too tight, which could result in you stripping them. Stripped screws could be more difficult to remove them later if you need to.
  5. Once your iPhone 6 is back together and you’re sure you have no spare parts, it’s safe to power it back on. If all went well, you should see an Apple logo. Also keep an eye out for black lines and dead spots, which could be signs of improper installation.
  6. That’s it!

    Do keep in mind that any evidence of tampering or unofficial repairs nullifies the Apple warranty. If you feel any hesitation or uncertainty, you’d be better off finding iPhone 6 screen repair in Melbourne.

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A Shortage Of Raw Materials Could Drive Up The Cost Of iPhone 5 Repairs

iPhone 5 repair MelbourneMany iPhone 5 owners have been watching with growing concern, as the cost of iPhone 5/5C/5S LCD assemblies have continued to skyrocket.

This was originally anticipated as being a short-term situation, the shortage of LCD assemblies has continued, causing great concern for those looking for iPhone 5 repairs.

What’s Causing The Shortages?

Factories are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for iPhone 5 LCD assemblies, due to an increasingly difficult time procuring certain raw materials.

Some Raw Materials Found In An iPhone 5 (Some Might Surprise You):

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Gadolinium
  • Europium
  • Yttrium
  • Lanthanum
  • Dysprosium

In fact, there is 324 times more precious minerals in one ton of iPhone 5’s than in a ton of ore from the Yanacocha Complex, the largest gold deposit in the world in Peru. There’s also 6.5 times as much silver in a ton of iPhone 5’s than a ton of ore from the Cannington Silver Mine.

It might make you wonder if it would be more worthwhile to recycle your iPhone 5, considering its interiors read off like some demented prospector’s fever dream, but we know your iPhone 5 is worth 10 times as much, to you, as it would for a gold digger.

After all, you’ve been through a lot together, and there are certain irreplaceable things on that phone that money just can’t buy. Don’t let the shortage deter you – our repair experts are standing by to help you!

Sources haven’t been forthcoming on which materials they’re running low on, but it’s having a big impact on the price of iPhone 5 repairs in Melbourne, and all over the world.

Should We Abandon Hope?

Not at all! These kind of shortages are actually rather common. Factories run short on raw materials and components in a similar fashion when a new model of iPhone comes out, causing a similar level of panic (and a similar rise in repair costs).

A lot of repair shops take advantage of people in need of iPhone 5 repairs. We would never! We value our customers too much.

We can typically repair an iPhone 5 in 24 hours, or less, even in times of shortage. We’ve had time to compile all the most common parts, for times like those, so if you need an LCD, a new battery, or an iPhone 5 screen repair in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

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Buff Screen Protectors

Telco World is now a proud reseller for the Worlds Toughest screen protectors in – Buff Screen Protectors

Do you want to be TUFF? Be BUFF!

The film is consists of four layers and each has different functions. Firstly Shock Absorptive Cushioning Layer and Shock Dispersive Cushioning Layer make double cushions for any external shocks. Shock Absorptive Cushioning Layer would be the first barrier which absorbs the most of the shocks and the rest of it (if there is any) would be dispersed by Shock Dispersive Cushioning Layer. Buff Lab proudly may announce that its unique technology has overcome one of the general weak points of most of shock absorptive films have – high elasticity- thanks to the Stretch Resistant Layer. Air bubble–releasing / Repositionable Silicon Adhesive Layer is made only for users\’ film attaching convenience. The layer enables re-attaching of the film and spontaneous dispersion of little air bubbles.

What is Buff Ultimate Shock Absorbtion Screen Protector?

Buff Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector is an innovative and advanced shock absorption film that Buff Lab proudly presents. Please read “ABOUT”.

What is the maximum level of shock it can protect?

Buff Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector may protect your device from daily life general/ accidental shocks very effectively. However, Buff may not guarantee the full protection for any intentional powerful impacts on the device. Also please note that the attached conditions of the film and device using environment may affect the level of the shock abortion film provides.

I can see the air bubbles between the film and my device, what should I do?

Air Bubble-Releasing Ailicon Adhesive Layer of the film may disperse the bubbles within 24 to 48 hours. (Time may vary depends on the weather condition.)

I applied the film crooked, can I retry to do it?

This is why we developed repositionable silicon adhesive layer. Users may retry adhesions for several times.

Application Instructions

Enquire now! Call us on 03 9555 5502

BUFF Labs Limited Warranty

This screen protection film is intended to provide enhanced impact protection versus regular scratch-proof screen protection film. User agrees that Buff Labs liability is limited to repair or replacement of the screen protection film exclusively. In no circumstances shall Buff Labs be liable for any items (including electronics) used in conjunction with Buff Labs products. Buff Labs cannot ensure proper application of the film, nor post-production damage to the film and therefore is not responsible for any damages to contents protected by the film. It is users responsibility to ensure the film will protect the contents to users satisfaction. User uses this film at his/her own discretion and takes responsibility for any damages to any items used with the film.


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