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Repairing Your iPhone 5: DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Repairing Your iPhone 5: DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

If you have an old iPhone that you have gotten used to, it can be hard to say goodbye, despite it showing its age. While many people are quick to get a replacement, there are those who choose to save what’s remaining because of their phone’s sentimental value and to save some cash as well. If you’re thinking about repairing your iPhone 5, it’s important to know when it is okay to rely on your DIY skills and when to call a professional.

The Crushed Screen

Whether you dropped your phone on accident or threw it out of spite, a broken screen is not covered under Apple’s warranty. Ironically enough, this is the most common problem complained by smartphone owners. By this time though, your warranty period is most likely over.

When deciding if this is something that you want to repair yourself, you should keep in mind the risks involved. Sure enough, you can easily find a lot of iPhone 5 screen replacements, guided by online video tutorials. While you may not be concerned about warranty at this point, screen replacement is a very complicated process, and depending on the damage, is sometimes best handled by a pro.

The Overused Battery

No matter how awesome your smartphone battery was, it won’t be immune from wear and tear. Even if you are the most careful smartphone owner, you will start noticing a decline in your battery after a year or two.

While many Android phones have removable batteries that you can replace anytime, iPhone’s battery is quite tricky to replace, as it involves opening up your phone using a set of tools. You can easily buy these tools and a replacement battery online to perform the procedure yourself if you’re looking to save some cash.

The Drowned iPhone

Apple didn’t offer water resistant phones until the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, so for older iPhone versions, contact with water is a big no-no.

However, accidents do happen, and if you’ve accidentally submerged your old iPhone 5 in water, do not simply assume that it will be gone for good. The best thing to do is to take the phone out of the water immediately and dry the phone as much as you can using cloths or paper towels. You can then bury it under rice, so that the rice can absorb any moisture that is remaining. While this trick might not work all the time, it’s worth a try. You can simply call an iPhone repair specialist if all else fails.

If you still have an iPhone 5 up to this day, chances are your warranty period is over. In this case, it could be tempting to perform DIY repairs on your phone since there’s no more warranty to void anyway. However, if you’re just a beginner or if the problem is severe, it may be wise to call Telco World for advice on what to do with your handset. We offer iPhone 5 repair around Melbourne area and can take care of your mobile needs.

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How to Recycle Your iPhone 5

How to Recycle Your iPhone 5

If you still own an iPhone 5 up to this day, you might already notice signs of a 4-year old iPhone. While now may be a great time to upgrade, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw away the old one. With a little know-how, you can make better use of the remaining life that’s left in your iPhone 5. Here are some ideas.

Use it as a TV Remote

Thanks to continuous tech advancements, all it takes is a few apps and a Wi-Fi connection to turn your old iPhone into a dedicated remote control. There are also programs that support control of multiple computers in your home network.

Turn it Into a Gaming Console

If you’re into gaming and always end up recharging your phone in the middle of the day, it will only take a while before you can feel the significant stress on your phone’s battery. Instead of playing games on your main mobile, it would be wise to recycle your old iPhone 5 to play all the games that you enjoy. While the iPhone 5 may have a smaller screen, you can save a lot on your main phone’s storage space and battery. The best part? You can play classic games by installing an emulator.

Use it as an Educational Toy for Your Child 

Why purchase nursery rhyme books when you can play your baby’s favourite nursery rhymes on your mobile phone for free? With kids these days getting attached to their gadgets more and more, it would be wise to use them as a means of learning. Also, this can prevent them from having to play with your own phone. All you need is an internet connection and you’re all set!

Turn it Into a GPS

If your car doesn’t come with a built-in GPS, an old phone is something that you can easily fix. Just install a dedicated app and you can navigate around with ease.

Use it as a Kitchen Aid

If you’re a kitchen junkie, you might want to make your cooking tasks easier by making your old iPhone a permanent fix in your kitchen. You can use a task manager or planner for your shopping list and meals, then sync it with your other devices. You can also save new recipes and video tutorials on your iPhone 5 that you can follow in the future.

Hand it Down

Lastly, what better way to use your old iPhone than to hand it down to your children or other family members who are in need of a new handset? If it’s still functioning properly, you can give it as a gift instead of splurging on a new phone.

This list is not exhaustive though, and if you think outside the box, you can squeeze more value out of your iPhone 5 before you let it retire. You may want to seek an iPhone 5 repair service first to help extend your phone’s life further.

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Reasons to Hold on to Your iPhone 6

Reasons to Hold on to Your iPhone 6

With the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the market, your old iPhone 6 may seem outdated right?

Well, not at all! Time and again, we’ve seen iPhones last up to 5 years with no major issues aside from shorter battery life and a few scratches here and there. The iPhone 6, only at two generations back is no exception. Here are a few reasons why you should keep your iPhone 6 for now.

The iPhone 6 is Compatible with Wireless Headphones

While the new AirPods are quite interesting and is only present in an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, the concept of wireless headphones is nothing new. In fact, you can get your Bluetooth set up for a wireless headphone experience, no matter what iPhone model you currently own.

iOS 10 Works in the iPhone 6

While you may struggle running the latest iOS version in iPhones older than the iPhone 5, the iOS 10 runs just as perfect in an iPhone 6.

The Screen of the iPhone 6 is Gorgeous

While the iPhone 7’s display is absolutely stunning, even previous models sport crystal clear bright screens, and you can easily raise the level of brightness if you need more.

You Can Make Changes to Improve Battery Life

Your current iPhone’s battery may not last as long as it used to, but that does not necessarily mean you should take the upgrade. While iPhone 7 owners are promised up to 2 hours more of battery juice than its predecessor, it’s still not a good enough reason to shell out a huge amount for the new iPhone. You can actually observe very simple tweaks to improve your phone’s battery life, and don’t forget how much cheaper it is to buy a quality power bank than buying a new iPhone.

The iPhone 6 is Fast and Fluid

During the time it was released, the iPhone 6 was considered one of the best smartphones in the market, and for a good reason. The iPhone 6 was and still is a performer, and despite the marketing hypes about a newer and faster iPhone 7 chip, the iPhone 6 is by no means slow.

Your iPhone 6 is Still Under a Contract

If you didn’t purchase the iPhone 6 right after it was released, chances are your contract is not due yet. Upgrading to a new phone before your contract expires can cost you big time, and it’s such a waste of cash throwing away something that only needs minor improvements.

The iPhone is inarguably one of the most expensive phones in the market, but one of the most durable as well. Most of the time, an iPhone 6 repair is enough to keep your old beloved device running smoothly. By working with our team here at Telco World, you can save a lot of cash from having to replace your iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 Screen Fixes You Can Do Yourself

iPhone 6 Screen Fixes You Can Do Yourself

If you’re itching to replace your iPhone 6 because of the frustration you feel about the damages on your screen, well don’t give up just yet. There are extremely easy remedies for a scratched or cracked screen that will cost you little to no money. However, before attempting to apply any of these substances on your smartphone screen, make sure to outweigh the risks and the benefits, and be sure to proceed with caution.


For small marks or scratches, gently rub a small amount of toothpaste on your iPhone screen using a soft cloth or cotton applicator. Use a circular motion and be careful not to remove any surface coating. Afterwards, wipe down your screen using a smooth, damp cloth.

Baking Soda

We’ve already heard about the wonderful things a baking soda can do especially as a household cleaning agent, but we rarely hear about how it can be used to remove scratches from your iPhone. Mix two parts baking soda to one part water until you have a thick paste and gently rub a small amount on the damaged part using circular motion.


In some cases, using a fine sandpaper or cerium oxide mixed with water can do the trick. If you’re going for this option though, make sure that you choose the least abrasive material and do it very gently to avoid further damages to your phone’s screen.

Turtle Wax

Turtle wax is extremely effective in fixing minor scratches, but make sure you don’t use it on a phone with oleophobic coating such as the iPhone 5. Also, before starting with the procedure, make sure to cover all ports to prevent liquid from getting in.

Vegetable Oil

A drop of vegetable oil can be used as a temporary fix for very small scratches so that your phone’s screen will stay gorgeous. However, the effect wears off so you’d need to reapply.

Egg White and Potassium Aluminum Sulphate

To get started, soak a microfiber cloth in a mixture of egg white and potassium aluminium sulphate and then place in aluminium foil. Set your oven to 300 degrees and heat the cloth until it is dry. For 30 seconds, rinse the cloth under running water and repeat thrice. Dry the cloth for 48 hours before using on your phone’s screen.

Replace the Screen

If your iPhone 6’s screen gets cracked and needs more than a little wiping, it may be best to replace the screen totally. Fortunately, you can do it yourself by purchasing repair kits online which often come along with all of the tools and instructions that you need.

Obviously, there’s a limit to what these products can do to your iPhone’s screen, but even if these remedies don’t work, you don’t have to go out rushing to buy an iPhone 7.  If the damage goes beyond small scratches and cracks and is affecting the way you are communicating with your device, TWorld ICT offers iPhone 6 screen repair in Melbourne at affordable prices.

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When Does It Make Sense to Stick to Your Old Phone?

When Does It Make Sense to Stick to Your Old Phone?

In the last few years, we’ve seen bigger and better smartphones coming out at least every six months. With a bunch of new handsets boasting with sleeker design and cooler features, it could be tempting to jump to the latest flagship, especially when you’re going through a few issues with your current phone. However, going for an upgrade may not always be the smartest solution. These are just some of the scenarios where repairing your phone is better than replacing it.

You Merely Want to Upgrade to a Newer Device

There are some instances when you are simply tempted to chase after the next big smartphone out there, even if yours is still functioning properly or have only very minimal issues. However, you might want to hold on a little more to your handset, especially if you’ve only had your phone within two years. Chances are, buying a new phone now doesn’t necessarily give you that much of an upgrade than the model you have right now.

Your Smartphone Has a Broken Screen

One of the most common excuses people use to replace their smartphones is because of damaged screens. While cracked screens can be a bit of an eyesore, they are quite easy to repair and definitely cheaper than buying a new mobile phone outright. In many cases, investing in a high quality screen protector can save your phone’s life and keep it in good working condition for a couple years more.

You Need More Storage

If you’ve already ran out of space for your apps, music, and photos, you can simply purchase a bigger storage card or move stuff to your PC for later use. Don’t forget to delete those apps and media which you do not need anymore.

In the future, if you decide to buy a smartphone without an expandable storage, it’s wise to decide how much storage you need early on, or rather pick a unit with external card slot just to be safe.

Your Carrier’s Plan is Still in Force

Replacing your current device when you’re not due for an upgrade yet can be very costly, especially if you’re eyeing a smartphone that has just been released. If there’s any issue you have with your device while in the middle of your contract, it makes sense to wait a while and take advantage of your existing warranty.

Your Phone Has a Sentimental Value

Lastly, your smartphone’s sentimental value certainly counts for something, no matter what it’s actual worth in the market might be. If you’ve grown very attached to your smartphone, perhaps it may be worth having it stick around a little longer despite being urged to upgrade. For many, it’s hard to let go of a familiar device that has served you well in the past few years. Keep in mind that a new handset may have a steep learning curve that can take a while getting used to.

Before ditching your current device, you might want to check out with a reliable mobile phone repairs provider like Telco World. From big dents to minor scratches, our professional team can help make your phone feel like new again.

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