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Melbourne Mobile Phone Repairs Experts Carry Buff Screen Protectors

buff-screen-protectorsAt TWorld ICT, we believe that every customer should have access to topnotch mobile phone repairs in Melbourne, but we are also aware that some damages could have been prevented if the gadgets had ample protection to begin with. Which is why we offer high-quality screen protectors by Buff Armor for mobile phones and tablets.

We carry screen protectors for iPhone 4 and 5, iPad 2 and 3, and Samsung S2 and S3 models. Exclusive only to TWorld ICT, the Protectors feature front and back films, an applicator card, and a micro fiber wipe to keep the films clean and smudge-free. Unlike the great majority of screen protectors which have low visibility rates, Buff’s products offer a 97% visibility rate which means looking through your screen without practically noticing that there’s a film on top. You still retain the unobstructed clarity that you once enjoyed when you first opened your gadget.

And believe it or not, there is a lot of interesting technology at work behind our protectors. The film is made up of four layers, the first two being the Shock Absorptive Cushioning and the Shock Dispersive Cushioning which act as a double cushion for all external impacts. The first layer absorbs the impact while the second layer disperses it to the remaining layers. Moreover, the films also feature a Stretch Resistant Layer which gives them high elasticity, something that other protectors fail to offer.

The benefits and advantages don’t stop there as the Buff Protectors offer easy application, without having to use water and other forms of liquid that could potentially harm the units. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about air bubbles that usually appear during screen protector application as their Premium Silicon Adhesives get rid of them in one to two days. They also offer a non-slip grip, scratch-proof technology, and a reusable feature which allows you to take them off and re-apply and adjust even after several uses.

TWorld ICT wants you to enjoy the most out of your gadgets by extending their lives and service as much as we can in any way possible. Aside from these products and other solutions, we also specialize in comprehensive phone repairs in Melbourne. We repair units damaged by water and provide all sorts of replacement parts like screens, speakers, microphones, and many others. We also accept repairs for other brands like HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, and Nokia.

So don’t let your phone or tablet suffer another fall without protecting them with our Buff Protectors. Check out www.TWorld for more information and place your order, today!

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