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iPhone, BlackBerry, Android. Whatever your preference in mobile devices, at Telco World we’ve got you covered.

Telco World promises you a precise analysis of your needs, clear and easy to understand proposals, and a way forward that guarantees you outstanding value and a reliable, superior, service.

At Telco World you will be appointed your personalised account manager who will provide thorough bill analysis and reporting to identify bill errors, highlight instances of under and over spending.

All our account managers are professional, knowledgeable, have 1st grade customer service and are always ready to attend to your needs.

Your Business is our Business!!!

There are no problems without solutions!!!

Telco World is specialised in selling to our businesses Solutions not just a product for a price like our competitors.

Got Questions?

Have US call YOU

    We don’t limit our self to offer your business one product only we sell Whole- of- Business. There are no waiting times on the phone to ask a question or solve an issue. Simply call or e-mail your account manager from Telco World with your query and continue with your day without any hustles or frustrations.

    We believe that using the most advanced technology available today all businesses deserve to spend their time to improve productivity, efficiency and expend their opportunities. This can be achieved by delivering to you the ultimate in quality, flexibility, and price performance.

    Managed Services

    Telco World is able to help set up a new user from scratch to finish at no additional charge. We pride our self with the efficiency great customer services and most importantly the time frame of completing our tasks given by our Business Customers. We offer whole-of-business solutions and the quality of our customer service is impeccable. We manage your bills and constantly revising them to make sure you receive the best suitable plans for your Business.

    Your account manager will help you set up an online account which will give you the ability to manage your data and call usage and making sure that there are no access charges. The online account can gives you a visibility of your pre-bill activities this option gives you an upper hand on all your services.

    When you buy a telecommunications solution from Telco World – whether that is a post-paid mobile phone, data solutions or a business wide voice and data package you are dealing with a business that strives to protect the place of small business in the local community.

    Mobile Data

    With the help of the biggest and fastest network available in Australia Telco World can provide devices such as mobile phones that are able to connect via Wi-Fi hotspot, 3G/4G devices with either USB or WIFI, and 3G/4G gateways that allow you to have portable office up in a flash with voice and data out of one unit.

    Satellite Phones

    If you need to get in contact from some of Australia’s most remote locations, or want the security of a phone that works virtually anywhere, Telstra Mobile Satellite has a range of satellite phone solutions.

    Telco World can help you set up mobile voice and data services over the Iridium satellite network, giving you access when you are in a rural or remote area. With 66 low orbiting satellites, the Iridium network provides satellite phone coverage virtually worldwide.

    Supported by the Iridium satellite network, providing access throughout the world.

    The latest communication technology doesn’t have to be expensive and it certainly doesn’t have to be complicated. It does however have to work for your business now and in the future. From traditional phone systems to, VoIP, satellite phone rentals, tablets and more, your dedicated Telco World’s account manager is here to help answer all your questions and make it simpler for you to run your business.

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