Business Data Services

Business Data Services

Telco World helps your business chose the most flexible and effective broadband and networking solution with Telstra.

Telstra provides devoted connectivity to, or through the public internet. It offers a high-performance, commercial-grade connection with the flexibility to meet your business needs regardless of size, industry segment or budget.

Telco World will help you chose the right access service and speed for your business.

Whether you are a small business, corporation, government organisation, or an educational institution, we have a solution to suit your business.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • We believe Time is Money – The productivity of our service is to download critical data files faster on Australia’s largest high speed fixed broadband network.

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Have US call YOU

    • Every Business needs to protect their valuable information – Network hosted security helps stop spam and viruses early and data backup solutions help future proof your business
    • Have a Peace of mind with our expert Account Managers who are knowledgeable and are ready to help during your working hours and Telstra’s 24/7 business-grade support, from specialist staff.
      • Every business changes from year to year – Telco World helps you monitor grows with the needs of the business and chose a flexible plans that can be modified to your needs without any administration fee for changing speeds/ plans
      • We Provide Dependable Service which works on high performance fully redundant internet network.
      • Combine all your services on to an easy to read Single bill.
      • Telco World knows that every business is unique and has different needs our account managers will help you chose from the  broad range of plans available catering for low-high volume users.
      • High Speeds allow customers to receive the best speed possible on their connection.

    Customers who may benefit the most

    • 24/7 Australian-based Helpdesk for businesses who rely on sales critical applications and emails
    • Static IP address, ensuring documents/applications are accessible even when staff work remotely
    • Business Domain Name, look and feel like a big business with a registered and hosted domain name (

    The broad range of internet access options includes, TBB ADSL, Business DSL, Frame Relay, IP WANConnect IPATME-Line and TBB Ethernet. Speeds range from 64kbps with Frame Relay right through to 1Gbps with Ethernet and E-Line.

    Cost-efficient internet access

    Telco World with help you manage your internet access costs with fixed pricing plans and Business Bundles.
    This flexible service can be used with almost any applications. Access the internet using a dedicated Internet Direct connection and host your own content using infrastructure such as internet email gateways, web servers and virtual private networks (VPN).

    TBB Ethernet

    TBB Ethernet is a Business Broadband Package. TBB Ethernet uses a new and improved line programming between the customer’s premises and the DSLAM (BAU) based at the local exchange. The new encoding, EFM (Ethernet First Mile), is a more efficient way to carry SHDSL based services with capability of  service speeds from 1Mbps/1Mbps to 10Mbps/10Mbps over copper based EFM (dependant on service qualification).

    TBB Ethernet offers our business customers flexible service plans allowing them to upgrade or downgrade speed and usage options at any time without penalty.

    TBB Ethernet is available in metropolitan and regional zones on 24 month contract terms only.

    Features and benefits

    • Uses a new and improved line encoding between the customer’s premises and the DSLAM (BAU) based at the local exchange.
    • Provides more efficient use of bandwidth, enabling applications with small packet sizes.
    • Greater access speed options
    • More allowance options.
    • Introduces a usage allowance cap, which provides more price certainty and reduces bill shock for customers.

    For more information, or to discover how Telstra’s Business Data Services can benefit your business, call Telco World today on (03) 9555 5502 to arrange your free bill analysis and consultation!